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Holy Paladin Spells

Welcome to the Holy Paladin Spells page, where we go over all the important spells you’ll need as a healer. We may not cover all spells as some may not be applicable to healing.

We provide you with a visual icon for each spell helping you to associate spells with their icons, the name of the spell, a description for what we believe is best use, the level the spell is gained and the recommended key binding for that spell. Please note that all parts of this page are a guide only and you’re free to use a spell how you wish and key bind your spells any way you want. We don’t guarantee success through this spell use/key binding but hopefully it will help.

Please hover over spell names in the second column to read the in-game tool tip of that particular spell.

Holy Paladin Buff Spells

The buff spells listed below are beneficial spells that you can place on yourself and other party/raid members, usually before entering combat. These buffs provide temporary benefits to those who have the buff by increasing certain stats. Character buffs also share some stats with buffs provided by other classes. Buffs can be overwritten by buffs applied by other classes, so try to communicate what other players in your party/raid should buff.

Holy Paladin Buff Spells

Level Gained

Recommended Keybind

Blessing Of Kings

Use this to increase the stats of yourself and all party/raid members. Blessing Of Kings is the same as a Druid’s Mark of the Wild and a Monk’s Legacy of the Emperor buffs, so if there is a Druid or Monk in your group, buff with Blessing Of Might instead. Lasts 1 hour. You can’t buff with both Blessing of Might and Blessing of Kings.


Seal of Insight

The Holy Paladin’s Seal of Choice. This self-only buff provides a straight up 10% increase to our haste and a straight-up 5% increase to our heals. Ensure this is active at all times.


Beacon Of Light

Place this Buff on a target (usually a tank) and it will heal that target(i.e the tank) when you heal another target(i.e a DPS). Lasts until cancelled. Should always be active on someone.


Blessing Of Might

Use this to increase the stat Mastery of yourself and all party/raid members by 3,000. Use this instead of Blessing Of Kings if there are any Druids or Monks in your party/raid. Lasts 1 hour.


Holy Paladin Healing Spells

These are the spells that provide your character the ability to keep yourself and party/raid members alive. Read through them and get well acquainted with the way they work with each other. Some of these spells will have cool down times and some will not.

Holy Paladin Healing Spells

Level Gained

Recommended Keybind

Word of Glory

Unleash your charges (maximum of 3) of Holy Power with a strong cast-time Heal on your target. The more charges you unleash the larger the heal. Heals the Beacon of Light for 50% of this heal.


Holy Shock

An instant and mana efficient blast which heals friendly targets or damages hostile targets for a moderate amount. Each use gives you a charge of Holy Power. When the heal is critical, your Holy Light, Flash of Light and Divine Light cast time is reduced by 1.5 sec. Heals the Beacon of Light for 50% of this heal. Use it off cool down.


Flash of Light

A faster, stronger but more expensive heal. If you cast this on the target that has the Beacon of Light on them, you’ll get back a bit of mana. 


Lay on Hands

Lay on Hands heals your target for 100% your maximum health. If you have 10k Health, this will heal your target for 10k. Good for emergencies, often on a tank but can be used on anyone including yourself (You can’t heal if you’re dead). Lay on Hands is just one of your many “oh crap” buttons! It will place the Forbearance debuff on the target.


Holy Radiance

Holy Radiance is one of your 2 Area of Effect (AoE) Heals and the only Paladin AOE which uses mana. It heals your target and those close to your target for a moderate amount. Great for heavy group damage when players are stacked together. Also grants you one charge of Holy Power. Also provides you with the buff Daybreak, which turns your next Holy Shock into a short-range AoE heal as well as the inital instant heal. Learn more on the How to Play a Holy Paladin page.


Holy Light

This is your most basic go to heal. A strong slow heal for a low amount of mana. When used on your Beacon of Light you get back a little bit of mana.


Light of Dawn

Light of Dawn is your other AoE Heal but uses your holy power (maximum of 3 at once) charges instead of mana. Smartly heals up to 6 friendly most-injured targets within 30 yards. The more charges you unleash the larger the heals. Also heals your Beacon of Light for 50% of the total healing done.


Holy Paladin Utility/Cool down Spells

These are spells that you are able to use once every once in a while, depending on the spell. They can help you to get out of a bind or enhance your healing. There are even defensive spells to help keep yourself alive.

Holy Paladin Cooldown/Utility Spells

Level Gained

Recommended Keybind

Hammer of Justice

Good for when an enemy is hitting you. Use it on them to stun them, then run away and heal! Should give the tank time to pick the enemy up.



Brings a party/raid member back to life. Can only be used out of combat.


Divine Shield

Good for situations where you need to focus on others and lets you forget about your own HP for 8 seconds. Places the debuff: Forbearance on you.



This will remove 1 disease or 1 poison debuff. At level 34 it also removes 1 magic debuff through the Holy ability Sacred Cleansing It removes all debuffs from one target at a time with a cooldown of 8 seconds.


Divine Protection

Good for helping keep yourself up during those heavy magical damage phases.



Interrupts an enemy’s spell cast, should you be assigned to interrupts. You’ll need to be close to your target.


Hand of Protection

Use this to protect someone in your party/raid that is getting attacked that shouldn’t be, best used on Casters or Healers including yourself. Will place the Forberance debuff on you.


Hand of Freedom

Good if you or a party/raid member is being slowed or their movement is impaired, doesn’t work on daze. Slowing or movement impairing effects can’t be re-applied during these 6 seconds.


Devotion Aura

A very strong cooldown for heavy damage phases of encounters. Use this at a time when you know you and your party/raid members can’t afford to be interrupted by silencing or interrupting effects. A 20% reduction to magical damage to all allies within 40 yards is a great way to mitigate damage. Use early to use again.


Avenging Wrath

Useful for heavy damage periods, this increases your healing by 20%. Use as often as you can or need to.


Hand of Sacrifice

This is a cooldown that can for example be used on tanks to mitigate damage on them.



All classes also have extra spells available to them through talents which you can view on the Holy Paladin Talents & Specs page.

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