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Holy Paladin Talents & Specs

Welcome to the Holy Paladin Talents & Specs page! There are no longer “cookie cutter” or straight forward talent builds, meaning each character can be individual and players are more free to choose. However, this also means it can be harder for those just starting out as a Holy Paladin with less guidelines provided.

So we’re going to help you out by providing you with a starting point with regards to choosing talents. You’re free to choose others straight away or you can wait until you’re more comfortable with the Holy Paladin class, and then re-jig your setup, but we’ll provide you with an “almost” fool-proof setup to get you started healing successfully.

First thing to do is to of course, choose your specialization and because we want to focus on healing, your specialization will be Holy. Choosing Holy as your specialization will immediately give you access to all the holy spells and passive abilities that your level allows to improve your ability to heal. To learn about the spells you will receive when choosing your specialization at maximum level, you can see all spells on the Holy Paladin Spells page and get a grasp for what each does.

In terms of talents, here’s the setup we recommend choosing, what tier they appear in, what level you can gain it, what the spell does and the suggested keybind for that spell. Hover over the spell name to get the detailed tooltip of that spell.


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Recommended Keybind


A great talent that gives you quite a big speed boost, but requires a key press and has a long cool down.

Although the cool down is based on your Judgement spell, so it can be used every 6 seconds, it does require you to use your Judgement spell and you must have an enemy targetted to do this. The other two talents are a bit easier to use.

Crowd Control
Crowd Control

A short stun, often used for PvP rather than PvE. Can be used against enemies attacking you, but not ideal as if your tank does not pick up the add in 6 seconds it will continue to attack you.

This effects one of your current spells Turn Evil, allowing you to use it on humanoids and beasts. Not a bad spell but is basically the same as Repentance, plus Repentance lasts 20 seconds longer.

Healing Effectiveness
Healing Effectiveness

This talent requires us to use Judgement on enemy targets and the other talents within this tier are competitive anyway, which is why recommend a talent other than this one.

While in Holy Spec it has 3 charges usable on multiple targets, with each charge having a 10 second cooldown and costs mana. Frees you up to cast other spells.


Could be a good option for a cool down to place on a tank, but due to it’s reduction to mostly ‘periodic damage’, it is very situational. Also reduces all damage (even non-periodic) by 10% which makes it a little better. Also reduces damage from immunity breaking periodic effects.

Spell Boosters
Spell Boosters

A strong talent that boosts your healing and provides more Holy Power for 18 seconds. However the long cool down and extra keybind lends us to suggest Divine Purpose.

This spell is only effective while your Avenging Wrath is active(30 seconds with this talent). It also gives you twice as many Holy Shocks available to cast during this time. However, this talent has a long cool down and MUST be utilized for the full 30 seconds to be effective.

AoE Healing Spells
AoE Healing Spells

A group healing talent that has a long cool down. Heals for a strong amount and can be good for stacked situations, but we believe Holy Prism is a more helpful talent. It also requires your party/raid to be stacked quite close to be effective.

A solid talent, especially for single target healing, but due to the fact that we suspect you’ll be starting at dungeons and LFR, we suggest a more group-orientated talent like the other two. The timing on this talent is essential.

Beacon Buffs
Beacon Buffs

Put on a target for a boosted single target heal. Upon heal, it jumps to an injured ally, heal them for the same boost. That’s it. Useable every 15 seconds. Difficult to know where it jumped too.

Better for single target, mostly tank damage.


Again, we wish to stress that all talents are viable for a healer, depending on your play style and the different encounters, but these are what we recommend for those starting out. Now your talents are set up, head to the Holy Paladin Glyphs page.

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  • Aleksa aka Retinol

    Holy Avenger gives significant boost in healing, whereas Divine Purpose comes in occasionally, and you can not time it right. Defininetely not the best option! Just saying for other Paladins out there!

    • Jeremy M Flanagan

      I utilize neither, preferring Sanctified Wrath. It may only last 30secs, but with double the Holy Strikes and +20% Crit chance, what a half minute it is! You can drop the dps hammer or rescue a disadvantaged group from a likely TPK.