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Disc Priest Stat Priority

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Stats are an important part of the World of Warcraft and are officially called “Attributes”. Improving certain stats as a Disc Priest will improve your ability to Heal. There are primary stats and secondary stats. As a Healer your most important primary stats are Intellect and Spirit. Stamina is another primary stat that isn’t as important but appears on most pieces of gear anyway, this increases your HP.

Intellect increases your spell power which makes your spells stronger and heal for more. This stat is always on Disc Priest gear and you should almost always aim to boost this stat. There is no Intellect maximum or “cap”.

Spirit is what gives you mana regeneration. Mana regeneration means that while you spend mana to cast your healing spells, the higher your spirit stat is, the more mana is returned to you during combat. Again, this stat appears on most Disc Priest gear. You should boost this stat should you be having problems running out of mana. If you come to a point where you’ve got an excessive amount of mana during encounters, it’s worth reforging or regemming spirit to a secondary stat. The Disc Priest’s Rapture is effected by Spirit also.

For those Disc Priest below level 90, all you need to worry about in the stats department is making sure your gear is Cloth and has at least 1 (if not both) of those 2 base stats, Intellect and Spirit, you need not worry about secondary stats in early game.

For those aiming to hit dungeons or start raiding or to become a stronger healer, the secondary stats that are most important to you as a Disc Priest are Haste, Mastery and Crit.

Unlike other healing specializations, Discipline doesn’t really have a set of “rules” to follow when it comes to stat priority, so it’s kind of up to you, your game style and your current stats. You can focus on a certain stat, should you prefer that way, or you can simply keep a balance between all secondary stats and still be a successful Disc Priest Healer.

Because we’re a site all about helping you get up and running, we’re going to try to provide you with an almost fool-proof line up of stat priority that will provide a good balance. Once you’re comfortable with your abilities, you can change-up your stats the way you see fit. Here’s a summary of our favourite stats.

Haste makes your spells with a cast time (Greater Heal, Penance, Prayer of Healing etc.) faster meaning you can cast more spells during an encounter. Haste affects the global cooldown of your spells. You can also gain an extra “tick” from spells like Renew and Hymn of Hope.

If you’re comfortable with your mana regeneration(Spirit), it’s a good idea to gem or reforge to Haste, Mastery or Crit.

Mastery is another secondary stat that you can focus on. Each and every spec of each class has a different Mastery. Mastery for the Disc Priest is Shield Discipline, which increases the amount absorbed by your Power Word: Shield, Divine Aegis and Spirit Shell.

Critical strike chance is the last of the secondary stats that is useful to the Discipline Priest. Due to the way a Disc Priest works, Crit not only increases the chance of doubling heals, but it also increases the chance of applying Divine Aegis to the targets critically healed.

To sum up, our recommendation on stat priority is:

If you’re into Atonement healing (healing through DPS) then:

Spirit (until comfortable with mana) > Intellect > Crit > Mastery = Haste

If you’re into direct healing and bubbles then:

Spirit (until comfortable with mana) > Intellect > Mastery > Haste = Crit

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself after each time you receive a new piece of gear or make a change to your stats by way of gemming, reforging, enchanting or any other way.

Have I placed enchants on my gear yet as recommended on the Disc Priest Enchanting page?
Yes: Go to next question.
No: Go to Disc Priest Enchants page and follow the guide.

During encounters, am I running out of Mana?
Yes: Reforge & Gem for Spirit.

What stat should I focus on if I want to mainly heal through Atonement?
Crit, so that your damage spells hit harder and heal for more.

What stat should I focus on if I want to mainly heal through heals and bubbles?
Mastery, so your shields are stronger.

These very general guidelines to follow and don’t factor in other influences such as buffs from other classes in your party/raid. Once you get a handle on the general idea of stats you will learn what you need to focus on. You may prefer a certain play-style (i.e. slower casts but more Divine Aegis Shields) in which case you can reforge and gem to how you see fit.

But remember, without mana you can’t heal, so Spirit is your most important stat, especially during early stages of content.

Now you’re up to date on your stats, head to the Disc Priest Enchanting page to get started improving your stats.

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