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6th November | Blizzcon

Welcome all to our Day 1 Blizzcon post where we hope to bring you all the big announcements around the World of Warcraft and more importantly any news specifically for you, the great Healers of World of Warcraft!

The first item we have to show you is of course the Warcraft Movie trailer! It’s awesome! Take a look:

Next up we’ve got the Legion Intro Cinematic!

World and Content Overview

  • While we saved Draenor, Gul’dan would be sent to Azeroth where he heard Kil’jaeden
  • KJ gifted Gul’dan with near limitless knowledge of the Burning Legion
  • Gul’dan shatters protective wards around Sargares’ Tomb and kicks off the largest Burning Legion invasion ever
  • For the first time, the cinematic ties directly into the main story of the game
  • Storytelling “taken to another level” – haven’t heard that before
  • Takes us to the Broken Shore, ground zero for the Burning Legion of Azeroth where we meet up with Varian, Sylvannas, Jaina Vol’jin etc to face the Burning Legion
  • This time the boost experience is it’s own seperate adventure
  • The Broken Shore is a 40 player scenario of 20 Alliance and 20 Horde working in unison

Demon Hunter

  • A new Hero Class that starts at level 98
  • Demon Hunter intro serves as a story bridge from the Burning Crusade expansion to the present
  • It’s going to answer the question “What was it that Illidan was up to all those years ago at The Black Temple, when we were raiding him
  • Cinematic starts with the armies of Shattrath and the Champions of Azeroth
  • Illidan opens a portal to Mardum, a demon world which used to be a prison for demons – Illidan sends his Demon Hunter army (you) through to get a Keystone, which used to hold the demons in the prison
  • New and old demons, and giant constructs
  • We’re Demon Hunters, so we’re gonna kill a lot of demons
  • Turn the Legion’s devices against them, using immense gateways to bring in your own Illidari armies
  • Tap into their comms and turn that against them
  • Interact with Legion Crystals to reset your Demon Hunter abilities cool downs
  • You’re going to rip abilities from the smoking corpses of the more powerful demons that you slay
  • Demon Hunter has it’s own mount: The Fel Saber
  • When you return to the Black Temple, you’re captured by Maiev Shadowsong and imprisoned for “eternity”
  • Many years pass while you’re imprisoned, fast forward and in the present the Burning Legion is invading and Azeroth’s armies are losing
  • Second half of Demon Hunter intro takes place within The Vault of the Wardens, when you break out, it’s going to be up to you to save the world
  • This part of the Demon Hunter intro will become available soon, when the BETA is launched
  • After the Demon Hunter intro, you’re going to join up with your faction, remain Illidari, and the leaders of Azeroth are in desperate need of your help
  • Afterwards, you’ll return to Mardum and establish your class order hall, where all Demon Hunters congregate with you in charge
  • Then you’re going to quest for your very own Artifact Warglaives

The Broken Isles

  • We’re going to be searching the Broken Isles for Titan Relics, the Pillars of Creation
  • The Titans used these relics to shape Azeroth into it’s first form
  • Only through these relics, our new Demon Hunter allies and our Artifact weapons do we have a chance of closing the huge Demon Portal
  • 10,000 years ago the lands of The Broken Isles was a tiny part of a vast region of Azeroth that was once known as Surumar
  • With the events of the Sundering, Surumar was devastated and what remains is just a tiny fraction of the once great elven empire
  • The Broken Isles exist today as a scarred and fractured land mass, divided into six distinct areas


  • A beautiful densly forest, a Druidic paradise, with a darkness creeping in: The Emerald Nightmare is consuming parts of the zone
  • The hidden and somewhat forgotten heart of Druidism on Azeroth for Generations
  • Where Malfurion first met Cenarius the Demigod and was trained as a Druid. It’s here where we’ll help Malfurion to track the source of the Nightmare as it begins to corrupt the land
  • Shaladrassil, a once glorious world tree at the heart of the forest that served as a gateway to the Emerald Dream, but is now tainted and distorted
  • Haunted, ancient Night Elven fortress of Black Rook Hold, another important landmark – played a pivotal role in the First War with the the Legion
  • Going to meet and adventure with some key Archdruids
  • Going to be running into a lot of native Druid that live within Val’sharah, with all-new skins and models for creatures like keepers, driads
  • New Druid Moonkin models!
  • New Druid Sea Lion aquatic form models!


  • Super Dangerous and treacherous land which really embodies the spirit of the Vrykul that calls this place home
  • Represents a good portion of the east coast of the Broken Isles
  • After The Broken Shore 20/20 scenario, we’re going to come into Stormheim and pick up on the story of the Vrykul that left Northrend thouands of years ago well before the events of Wrath of the Lich King, in search of their true Gods
  • We’re going to compete against the Vrykul God King as he seeks to gain access to the Halls of Valor and we’ll gain access to Hellheim and the Halls of Valor dungeons
  • Introduced to a new Dragonflight, The Storm Dragons. Found in Stormheim and Suramar


  • Serene island paradise, but upon exploring the ruins you realise it’s a cursed and haunted land
  • All the way down-under in the south-western point. It’s not Australia…
  • Much of the devestation to Aszuna occured prior to The Sundering, caused by Queen Azshara in a single colossal display of power and this is the mystery of the zone, why she curse and killed thousands of her own people
  • (We can now see 3 times further in this expansion)
  • We’ll meet up with the small dying remnants of the Blue Dragonflight, who have found a refuge here amongst the raw arcane ley energies throughout Aszuna
  • The Warden’s Isle, a large island in Aszuna is also home to the Vault of the Wardens, which is part of the Demon Hunter intro
  • The people of this land still to this day suffer from a terrible curse
  • Azshara has sent an elite Naga force to recover a very important relic
  • Old Naga have received all-new high-res models
  • Azshara has also allied herself with the Sea Giant kingdom
  • New Wrath of Azshara creature – huge like Immerseus – Gigantic!
  • Based on a Greek Isle theme


  • The peak of Highmountain is easily one of the single largest mountain peaks on all of azeroth
  • Central to the continent and all the way to the far north
  • Peaks and Valleys have been the domain of 3 ancient Tauren clans for Milennia, who are direct descendants of the Tauren that fought in the War of the Ancients
  • United the three clans have lived in peace for the last few generations
  • Cave-dwelling Drogbar have stolen the most sacred artifact, which has fractured the unity of the Tauren clans
  • Drogbar attempting to claim the Tauren Territories and rule all of Highmountain
  • Drogbar were once enslaved by Neltharion and are a Shamanistic race
  • Alpine Harpies and new Moose models
  • High Mountain Tauren horns are decorated to define clans – and they look awesome!


  • Our mission will ultimately lead us to Suramar
  • Not only remains intact today, but is a thriving Elven Metropolis
  • Central to the continent and connects to all but one of the zones of the Broken Isles
  • Massive city in the South-east, Suramar City
  • The city itself was protected from The Sundering by a defensive spell, cast by the combined might of the cities most powerful mages, with power harnessed from a pure arcane well from within the grand palace. Creating a massive shield zone which protected the city for ten thousand years. They kept the shield up for ten thousand year because they believed the outside world was just overun with demons
  • The Elves within Suramar City became dependent and are now completely reliant on the well as a source of living energy. The well has become an abused and corrupted power source, now known as the Nightwell
  • The Nightwell shroud the city in perpetual darkness
  • The Elves in Suramar are no longer truly Night Elves. They have evolved into The Nightborne
  • The leader of the Nightborne has forged a pact with Gul’dan and brought down the shield and opened the gates of Suramar City to the Legion
  • Nightborne elves are regal, highly intelligent and master Arcanists, able to conjure all matter armor and weaponry at will
  • Crimes punsished by exile from the city (but isn’t the land overrun with demons?)
  • Cut off from the city and the nourishment of the Nightwell exiled nightborne suffer from a terrible physical withdrawal and become “The Nightfallen”
  • If a Nightfallen is unable to aquire any form of Arcane sustainance, they become “Withered” and once they become withered, there’s no coming back
  • Current Night Elves are Druidic, these ancient Elves are Arcane based.
  • One of the most ambitiuous projects team has ever done: an entirely playable Night Elf Metropolis and you can explore every inch

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