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Best in slot LFR gear for Disc & Holy Priests

Howdy to all you healing Priests! Patch 5.2 has dropped, the first two wings of LFR have opened and loot wis dropping like flys. In this post we’re going to list the best items for Disc and Holy Priests within LFR only. We’ll list them by slot, so you can have this window open while you’re raiding and switch over to it to quickly have a look before you use your bonus loot roll! We’ll focus on the pieces that are best for Disc and Holy Priest Stat Priorities. We always say go for the set for the bonuses first, but really, take what ya can get!

To see the purples in all their glory:

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Cowl of the Exorcist (T15) – Helm of the Crackling Conqueror – Twin Consorts
Stonegaze Hood – Tortos (crit) (Disc Atonement Healing or Holy)


Horridon’s Tusk Fragment – Horridon (haste) (Holy)
2nd Option: Soul Prism of Lei-Shen – Lei Shin (mastery) (Disc non-Atonement)
3rd Option: Passionfire Choker – Twin Consorts (crit) (Disc Atonement Healing)
From Reputation Vendor: Mender’s Battletags – Shado-Pan Assault (1250 VP @ Neutral) (crit)


Mantle of the Exorcist (T15) – Shoulders of the Crackling Conqueror – Iron Qon
Lost Shoulders of Healing – Multiple Bosses (haste) (Holy)
Gleaming-Eye Shoulderpads – Megaera (crit) (Disc Atonement Healing)


Constantly Accelerating Cloak – Dark Animus (haste) (Holy)
2nd Option: Drape of Booming Nights – Jin’rokh the Breaker (crit) (Disc Atonement Healing)


Robes of the Exorcist (T15) – Chest of the Crackling Conqueror – Dark Animus
Robes of the Moon Lotus – Twin Consorts (Haste) (Holy)
Robes of Static Bursts – Jin’rokh the Breaker (Mastery) (Disc non-Atonement)


Vaccinator’s Armwraps – Horridon (haste) (Holy & Disc)


Handwraps of the Exorcist (T15) – Gauntlets of the Crackling Conqueror – Council of Elders
Gloves of the Maimed Vizier – Lei Shin – (Mastery) (Disc non-Atonement)
Helix-Breaker Gloves – Primordious – (crit) (Disc Atonement Healing)


Abandoned Zandalari Shadowgirdle – Treasures of the Thunder King – Multiple Bosses (mastery) (Disc non-Atonement) (Holy)
Quet’zal’s Crackling Cord – Iron Qon (crit) (Disc Atonement Healing)


Legwraps of the Exorcist (T15) – Leggings of the Crackling Conqueror – Ji-Kun
Saddle-Scarred Leggings – Iron Qon (mastery) (Disc non-Atonement) (Holy)
Leggings of Ebon Veins – Primordious (crit) (Disc Atonement Healing)


Mar’li’s Bloodstained Sandals – Council of Elders (crit) (Disc & Holy)


Petrified Eye of the Basilisk – Horridon (mastery) (Disc non-Atonement) (Holy)
2nd Option: Durumu’s Captive Eyeball – Durumu the Forgotten (crit) (Disc Atonement Healing)


Horridon’s Last Gasp – Horridon (int)
Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn – Megaera (spirit)
Stolen Relic of Zuldazar – Primordius (spirit)
Lightning-Imbued Chalice – Lei Shin (int)


Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne – Lei Shin (haste) (Holy)
Giorgio’s Caduceus of Pure Moods – Ji-Kun (haste) (Holy)
2nd Option: Jerthud, Graceful Hand of the Savior – Multiple Bosses (mastery) (Disc non-Atonement)
3rd Option: Ritual Dagger of the Mind’s Eye – Durumu the Forgotten (crit) (Disc Atonement Healing)


Orb of Arcing Lightning – Iron Qon (haste) (Disc & Holy)

That’s it! There is more gear but these are best pieces with Spirit on them. The other pieces do not have Spirit and it’s always a good idea to have Spirit! So what do you think? What pieces are you hoping for?! Let us know in the comments below! Remember to Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook!

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