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Legion News | 7th August 2015

Gamescom for 2015 continued today with some additional information on the next expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion. There weren’t any official “announcements” or presentations, but some third party sites, mostly from europe, were able to get some information through interviews.

Interview with Tom Chilton & Ion Hazzikostas

First, Icy Veins with WoWfan.cz were able to get an interview with Tom Chilton & Ion Hazzikostas. In this inerview the guys covered what they revealed in the announcement presentation with a little more detail where possible.

They spoke a little more about Demon Hunters, visit the link to have a read over those details. As we love everything healing and the new Demon Hunter class is only Tank and DPS, we won’t be going into Demon Hunters. But here’s what we learnt from this interview:


  • You earn your Artifact early on in the expansion and you will use it throughout
  • Important Lore characters will play a part in the story of obtaining Artifacts
  • There are no legendary items planned for Legion
  • Artifacts can be transmogged to other weapons, but not vise versa

Some interesting stuff there. I do find it a little amusing that there won’t be any Legendary items for the first time in any expansion. I believe the Blizzard devs dug themselves into a whole when they starting giving Legendaries to everyone. It kind of made them, well, not-so-legendary. With this new Artifact weapon and the new “powering up” system, it removes that whole “legendaries aren’t legendary” bad taste.

Next up we’ve got got some additional information on the Story line for Legion. There were a couple of items around very vague kind of answers from Blizzard around Karazhan(which I really hope they do justice to if they bring it back in any way) and Wrathion, but here are the main factors about story to come out of these interviews.

Story Line

  • While we went to a past time in Warlords of Draenor, Gul’dan was banished by Archimonde, back to our initial Azeroth timeline. This timeline has not been affected by the events in Warlords. Therefore it is “our” Illidan, the one we just about killed in The Burning Crusade.
  • The Emerald Nightmare is to be a raid in Legion. This is the only time we will be interacting with it directly. Outside environments will be affected by the Nightmare.
  • We may see Wrathion come back.
  • We may see Karazhan in some way. Sounds like they were quite vague on this.
  • Dalaran will be the main city hub for both Horde and Alliance and will be moved from Northrend closer to the Broken Isles. However, the old Dalaran will still remain in Northrend as well for game play purposes – i.e. levelers going through levels 70-80.
  • Dalaran and the Violet Hold is being affected by the move as it will be closer to the Tomb of Sargaras.

General Gameplay

Classes will evolve in a number of ways in Legion.” – The Icy Veins interview discusses how the development team is looking into the core fantasy of each class and I think this is obvious with the inclusion of spec-based Artifact weapons and also Class Orders. It will be interesting to see what they have planned for healers.

Interviews with J. Allen Brack

The guys from Vanion.eu were able to sit down with J. Allen Brack around some of the details around World of Warcraft: Legion. Here are some of the main points that came out of this interview.

  • Happy with final unlock version of flying
  • Happy with the current set up of raid sizes and loot systems
  • There will be Warforged items
  • We will not loot weapons in Legion
  • Artifact could be epic, could be legendary. Not finalized.
  • No plans for alt catch-up mechanic for Artifacts.
  • There are plans to have some kind of catch-up mechanic for different spec Artifacts
  • Artifact weapon begins at the start of the expansion

MMORPG.COM also had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat about Legion. They discussed a number of topics including Transmog, Social Improvements, Sylvanas, the change of our characters from “Hero” to “Leader”, Artifact weapons and a bunch of other topics. You can read the interview here, but here are some of the items we thought were most interesting.


  • The devs believe the current system is too complicated and they’d like to make it more robust and easier to use.
  • More like a “dressing room” style than what it is now.
  • Artifacts will be transmoggable

Social Improvements

  • Acknowledged they missed the boat on the Garrisons
  • Ideas on how to bring different servers together
  • Different ways to connect with friends
  • Just ideas, nothing actually done yet


  • Confident in the teams to conjure plenty of ideas going forward and doesn’t anticipate this being the end of the WoW lifecycle

Release Times

  • Never promised to release year on year expansions – what simply an intention
  • Still an intention but they haven’t got there yet

Interview with J. Allen Brack & Alex Afrasiabi

The exclusive interview to stop all future interviews.

This is by far one of the worst interviews I’ve probably watched. A huge announcement for the new expansion, you get an exclusive sit down with the leads of Blizzard and the first question asked is about subscriber numbers going down? I put this interview here just because some people might find it interesting, but the loaded questions and lack of actual information on the new expansion, I would probably just skip it.

Interview with Ion Hazzikostas and Tom Chilton

And following that last interview, this interview is probably the pick of the bunch, with interesting questions(granted the first is a bit ‘eh’) regarding topics we are interested in, with great answers. It’s finally a decent quality with great audio, just ignore the weird camera angle. In this interview Ion and Tom discuss a number of things ranging from the Demon Hunter, the melee Survival Hunter and the Discipline Priest, something we’re very interested in!

The guys went over a couple of things we’ve already covered, but some of the key points that we came away with from this interview include:

  • When doing group content, i.e. LFR or pick up group, we use personal loot so having a Demon Hunter wear leather doesn’t affect each others chance to get loot. In other groups, such as established guild groups, it doesn’t matter as it’s more about the set pieces for all the main slots, except bracers boots or belts but it’s not many
  • Artifacts, in addition to having traits, has a number of relic slots. Relics are things you can socket into the artifact that are what determine and increase it’s raw power and stats, i.e. the amount of spellpower on a caster weapon. The Relic will also have some interactions that modify and improve particular Artifact traits. These Relics are what will be rewarded from traditional sources of loot such as a quest reward or dungeon/raid loot. So you’ll get that moment of a big weapon upgrade. And you’ll be able to customize the look throughout the expansion
  • When asked if Priests will get Benediction, Ion states they believe they have much cooler than those
  • Class Order Halls are cross faction. i.e. Alliance & Horde Paladins would hang out in Light’s Hope Chapel together, but they’ll probably have a different section depending on the Paladin “vibe. i.e. Blood Elf Paladins will be in a different section to the Sunwalker Paladins.
  • Class Order Halls – “What can I do in these Class Halls?” – “Trade stuff… talk… whatever” “So it’s like the Garrisons but with people so I’m not so lonely.”
  • With Class changes, the devs want to focus on the identity of each spec and the fantasy of playing that spec
  • Artifact quest isn’t on the scale of the Warlock green fire quest. It’s too essential to make it so elaborate
  • If the devs could go back in time, they would consider doing not doing 3 specs for every class. i.e. trying to differentiate the rogue specs is hard. Hence why only 2 specs for the new Demon Hunter class
  • Not many specs are getting a huge overhaul at this time, just the more pressing ones, i.e. Demonology Warlock
  • Discipline Priest
    • Much more of an offensive Healer
    • Giving the Atonement mechanic another attempt
    • Sustain healing by doing DPS
    • 50% damage, 50% heal
    • Holy still 100% healing
    • Make Atonement more interactive – it used to be spamming smite and the healing was all smart – not super deep
    • Throw out single target heals, putting a buff on them
    • The next time you smite, the player/s with the buff are also gonna get that healing
    • But need to periodically refresh those buffs depending on who you want to heal
    • Solves Absorb heaviness – helps other healers by removing that whole aspect
  • They’d also like to approach the Mistweaver Monk in the same way in terms of revisiting the whole Fistweaver aspect.

That’s about it for the days wrap up of content coming out of Gamescom for today. I’m sure there will be more as more ingformation comes to hand. Please keep checking back.

Head to the HealingWoW main Legion page to see a summary of information so far. From there you can go and read information specific to the healing specs. Also check out our Legion category to see all posts regarding the new expansion.

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