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Legion News | 9th August 2015

Following the World of Warcraft: Legion announcement and a couple of days of exclusive fan site interviews, Blizzard sat down to what was supposed to be a Blizzard Q & A, but turned out to in fact be more or a recap of what’s been covered or revealed throughout the last few days.

Because this is a recap, there were things in the interview that were not really new information, but you can watch the interview below.

Gamescom Live Stream: World of Warcraft – August 9, 2015

We advise skipping to around minute 6:36 to get the most out of this content. There are also a bunch of recap content throughout so feel free to jump ahead when that happens.

While this interview didn’t contain all-new information for those who have kept up to date from other interviews etc, there would be some new stuff for those who haven’t. Let’s cover some of the more important things.


  • The Artifact is your companion as you work your way through the expansion from the very beginning.
  • 2 progression paths: Artifact power you earn and spend on traits, DPS throughput itemlevel of the weapon itself is going to be derived from powerful relics obtained through traditional sources, which you can socket into your weapon and it will increase the weapons damage or spell power and they also interplay and modify some of the traits you have socketed as well.
  • Going to take the place of traditional weapon drops.
  • Probably some traditional weapons early on for catch-up purposes.
  • Relics are still going to give that feeling of progression.
  • Start out with one single artifact, but shortly after that you’ll have the opportunity to go out and earn the others if you want. Some catch-up mechanisms “in mind”.
  • Relics will not carry-over between off-spec artifacts.


  • Definitely a focus this expansion
  • Bigger team of profession designers than ever before
  • Questline for each individual profession
  • Refresh the profession system
  • Updates to not only improve the UI but also add new functionality to gain expertise in individual recipes and stuff like that

Demon Hunter

  • A class that considered introducing in the Burning Crusade
  • Super-appropriate for this expansion
  • High mobility agile class that dashes around the battlefield doing a lot of damage
  • Very different from the death knight as it’s heavily armored and slow, demon hunters more similar to the monk except the monk is a little more hybridized.
  • Demon Hunter Tank is really all about being in your face, very agressive, doing a lot of damage, trying to avoid damage where possible using evasion and things like that.
  • It has a different flavour.

Class Creation Process

  • Start with the fantasy of it (Warcraft 3, Heroes Illidan, the Illidari)
  • Identify class mechanics that would go well with that fantasy
  • Prototype mechanics quickly, iterate through them, shave out non-working ideas and bringing in new ideas

Character Slot

  • Realms will get an extra character realm.

Blizzplanet Interview

The news and the interviews just keep coming. This time around it’s from Blizzplanet who interview Tom Chilton and Ion Hozzakostas. Unfortunately there’s no video to go with this interview, but there is some new and interesting information to come out of it. Here is what we found to be the most interesting tidbits:


  • An event will take place before expansion launches
  • Flying & Mercenary mode patch, then Legion pre-expansion will follow
  • There will be no filler “Ruby Sanctum” raid between now and the pre-expac content


  • The devs would like the story to develop in the outdoor world gameplay at level 110.
  • The devs are excited about finally having the Emerald Dream/Nightmare as content for players after years of requests
  • The Illidan storyline will carry through the entire Legion expansion

General gameplay

  • We’ll get an additional character slot
  • Pretty much every spec is going to get a number of changes, some more than others
  • Better social interaction, such as getting a notification of when a friend joins a queue for something, the game will ask if you’d like to join them too

Class Orders

  • The devs are quite adament that these are not Garrisons 2.0
  • Focus on the champions unlocking content for you

Not a huge amount of new information from what we’ve learnt over the past few days, but information nonetheless.

Hopefully next time we’ll get a bit more info.

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