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World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion

Welcome to HealingWoW’s summary guide to World of Warcraft: Legion, where we’ll provide you as much content as we can regarding yours truly, healers. We’ll be updating this page as additional new comes to hand. Of course, we’ll be focused on the healing side of things, but we’ll probably end up covering a bit more. Check back often for updates!

To see news as it comes to hand, rather than one big page, please visit the Legion Category to see all relevant posts.

We are also collating all Legion content into individual class pages for healers so you can keep up to date only with what you need to:

Druid_crestResto DruidMonk_crestMistweaver MonkPaladin_CrestHoly PaladinPriest_CrestDiscipline & Holy PriestShaman_CrestResto Shaman

Legion Class Previews

Post-Blizzcon, Blizzard released class preview for each class, giving us a taste of what to expect in the next expansion: Legion. You can view these previews below, we hope and plan to analyze each of the previews, we’d love to know your thoughts!

Resto Druid
Mistweaver Monk
Holy Paladin
Disc & Holy Priest
Resto Shaman

The World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer has been revealed and it looks freaking great! The Cinematic team has done a really good job once again. It’s great to see 1. Varian 2. Sylvannas and 3. No Orcs!

At Gamescom, 2015, Blizzard revealed the next expansion – World of Warcraft: Legion. We’re heading back to our Azeroth to face the latest threat, and with it we’ll be getting some new features, such as Artifact weapons and the new Demon Hunter hero class. Your first port of call is going to be the official World of Warcraft: Legion website. Be sure to visit and sign up for the BETA opt-in if you haven’t already.

Blizzard revealed a few videos regarding the new expansion. Check them out below in the order they appeared during the presentation.

The story so far…

Cinematic Teaser

Feature Overview:

  • New Continent: The Broken Isles
  • Level up to 110
  • New Dungeons and Raids
  • New Honor System
  • Artifact Weapons
  • Class Order Halls
  • Hero Class: Demon Hunter

Full Expansion Reveal Presentation:

Official Blizzard blog post:

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Source / Blue Posts)

A great burning shadow falls over Azeroth once more—World of Warcraft: Legion has been unveiled!

In this dire new chapter of the World of Warcraft saga, the great enemy of the Horde and the Alliance—the demonic Burning Legion—has returned. As destruction rains across Azeroth, its heroes must seek salvation among the ruins of the mythic Broken Isles, ancient seat of a lost night elf civilization—and site of the accursed Tomb of Sargeras, which now serves as a gateway to endless Legion worlds.
To combat the armies of the Legion, Azeroth’s heroes will need to achieve unprecedented heights of power, securing mighty Artifacts—class-specific, highly customizable weapons forged in the fires of lore. They’ll also join forces with unlikely allies in the form of an all-new hero class, the vengeful Demon Hunter, and unify champions of their cause at their class’s Order Hall. Legion also empowers players to boost one character to level 100, making it so anyone can join the battle against the Legion alongside their friends.
Legion also features a new PvP Honor system, a new level cap of 110, new Dungeons and Raids, and much more. For more information, check out the official press release, and visit the new Legion website for screenshots, feature details, concept art, the announcement trailer, and more.
Sign Up for the Beta Test
If you’re interested in opting in for a chance to participate in the Legion beta test later this year, let us know! Simply log in to your Battle.net account, go to Beta Profile Settings, make sure the Warcraft option is checked, and click Update Preferences. You’re now eligible to be randomly selected for a Legion beta invitation once the testing process begins.

With the announcement, the developers got up on stage and gave us a brief overview of the new expansion. They focused on Story, new features including Artifact weapons, Class Order Halls and slo the new hero class, Demon Hunters.


  • An event will take place before expansion launches
  • Flying & Mercenary mode patch, then Legion pre-expansion will follow
  • There will be no filler “Ruby Sanctum” raid between now and the pre-expac content

The Story

  • We’re going back to the “bones” of the bustling Night Elf civilization that is now The Broken Isles. A graveyard of sorts
  • We will discover the Tomb of Sargeras. Tomb is an active gateway to endless legions world thanks to Gul’dan
  • Demonic Invasion bigger than the War of the Ancients is currently underway. The biggest demonic invasion of Azeroth… ever
  • We are taking the fight directly to Gul’dan on the Broken Shores
  • After a glorious battle at the Tomb of Sargares, our story will begin
  • We’re gonna be “really really surprised and shocked”
  • Vague hint – “Karazhan is an important place”
  • Vague hint – Will Wrathion come back – “We’ll see”
  • Gul’dan was banished back to our world and our timeline
  • Dalaran is lifted from Wrath of the Lich King and will be the main hub for both factions, close to the Tomb of Sargeras. It is also still in Northrend for gameplay purposes.
  • Dalaran and the Violet Hold is being affected by the move as it will be closer to the Tomb of Sargaras.
  • The devs would like the story to develop in the outdoor world gameplay at level 110.
  • The devs are excited about finally having the Emerald Dream/Nightmare as content for players after years of requests
  • The Illidan storyline will carry through the entire Legion expansion


Next up we had Ion Hazzikostas, who presented a lot better and when he began discussing the new features, displayed the excitement and delivered much more interesting content. Ion started on Artifacts, the new and only weapons available to players in the new Legion expansion. Here is what we have learned in a quick summary on Artifacts.

  • In order to fight this ultimate enemy, we need the ultimate weapons. We need weapons of greater power than any we’ve had before, in order to stand a chance. And that’s where Artifacts come in to play
  • Every single specialization is going to have it’s own artifact
  • Class & spec determines story
  • After landing on the Broken Shores, seek out the artifact for your spec. Follow your destiny. Varies for each class & spec
  • As you accomplish deeds in the world, you will earn artifact power for your weapon. Earned by completing a major questline, killing a dungeon boss etc.
  • Earned artifact power is spent on unlocking traits that empower your weapon/character + visual customizations
  • You choose your path to greatness
  • You earn your Artifact early on in the expansion and you will use it throughout
  • Important Lore characters will play a part in the story of obtaining Artifacts
  • There are no legendary items planned for Legion
  • Artifacts can be transmogged to other weapons, but not vise versa
  • Artifacts will have Relic slots. Relics add increase those raw stats like spellpower, intellect etc. Relics are gained from normal sources similar to weapons used to. Quest rewards, Dungeon Bosses & Raid Bosses
  • The Artifact quest won’t be to the scale of the Warlock green fire class quest. The Artifact weapon is too essential to the progression of the story and content to have it so elaborate or difficult that you get left behind


Originally Posted by Ion @ Gamescom (Source / Blue Posts)

If you’re a Mistweaver Monk, your adventure will begin by returning to Pandaria to seek out the staff of the Emporer Shao Hao, who’s really integral to the legend and the very essence of the continent of Pandaria. You can see the base weapon that you’ll initially aquire. Then an upgraded version of it. But then we’ve reimagined that staff with the inspiration drawn from the various Animal Gods of Pandaria. Whether it’s Yu’lon the Jade Serpent in center, or Chi’Ji the Red Crane on the far right. Or a Sha influenced Sha-crafted staff second from the right. Those are all things to work towards and again you can kind of pick the look that you want, pick the thing that excites you most.

Class Orders

Because the Alliance and the Horde aren’t able to come together as a whole to defeat this threat, instead the classes are working to overcome it. Who else would lead them if not you? Because of this, all of the classes will need a central hub where we can all congregate and collaborate to best attack the legion.

  • Heavy focus on Class identity
  • Base of operations or “club house” just for members of your class, similar to Death Knight only area
  • Second to claiming your artifact, you will come upon your order hall and establish it
  • Class Order Halls are the location or hub where your class will congregate. i.e. Light’s Hope Chapel for Paladins
    • Order Halls are very different to Garrisons. Think Archerus for Death Knights.
    • Cross faction. Horde and Alliance in same Light’s Hope Chapel. Different sections for different types of healers.
    • You can trade and talk n stuff in Class Order Halls (hopefully more).
  • Champions
    • Evolution of Draenor Follower system
    • Established characters
    • More customization
    • More integration with the world
    • Not doing things instead of you. But have them enabling you to do greater deeds – they might go out and discover a lair that you then go to and investigate
    • Work alongside them and with them, rather than them compete with you in terms of the rewards that you’re seeking out
    • Focus on the champions unlocking content for you

Dungeons and Raids

  • They feel they’ve done dungeons a bit of a disservice
  • Dungeons are essential – they are at the heart of what makes the MMO experience awesome
  • More dungeons in Legion
  • More varied challenges in dungeons
  • More replayability
  • More reason to keep doing dungeons throughout the expansion
  • Devs are pretty happy with the current iteration of raids in terms of sizes and difficulties, they’re not sure if they’ll have Mythic Dungeons in Legion.
  • The devs like Challenge modes and want to find a way to make players want to interact with them more.

Demon Hunter

  • Two specs, Tank and DPS
  • Demon Hunter Healer though – “ehhhh not so much. Little bit weird for us. So uh, it felt like that was kind of out of the picture
  • No new healing spec this expansion. Move along, nothing to see here…

General Gameplay

  • We’ll get an additional character slot
  • No stat squish is planned for Legion.
  • Professions are getting a lot of new stuff.
  • Garrisons are staying in Draenor (where they belong).
  • Devs are happy with the way flying ended up, with a system to unlock it after experiencing content after a time.
  • Having another leather worker shouldn’t have a big impact on loot due to the personal loot system
  • A few specs will be getting quite a big overhaul, with some returning to their roots. i.e Demonology Warlock going back to being the Master of Demons, rather than turning into a Demon themselves.
  • Better social interaction, such as getting a notification of when a friend joins a queue for something, the game will ask if you’d like to join them too

New PvP Honor System, V3

  • PvP talent system
  • As you gain Honor, you progress through honor ranks from 1 to 50
  • As you progress through ranks, your earn different perks and bonuses, including PvP talents
  • PvP talents designed and balanced independently from PvE – they only work in Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Unlock abilities from top to bottom in the first tree. Progress to next tree from top to bottom
  • All unlocked at level 50
  • New Prestige concept
  • If you want to, you can reset your honor level and go through the progress again
  • Reset your pretige and start from level 1 again and earn honor for prestige cosmetic rewards
  • Unique PvP only prestige Artifact cosmetic earnings
  • PvP talents will not work in PvE environments.
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