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Legion: Mistweaver Monk Information

Welcome to the Mistweaver Monk specialization information page for the upcoming expansion – World of Warcraft: Legion. We hope to keep this summary page updated with new information as it comes to hand.

Mistweaver Monk is the only healer available for testing on the Legion Alpha at the moment, so here we have a video of the spell effects for the Mistweaver Monk. Some are old, some have changed and some are brand new. Check it out below! *Remember, this is Alpha and all effects, spells, tooltips and details are subject to change.

Monk Class Order Hall: The Wandering Isle

We have got a very early preview of the Monk Class Order Hall, The Wandering Isle. We’ve already seen this while leveling up our Pandaren, but this will be a great place to hang out as a Mistweaver Monk!

Class Preview

Head to the Monk Class Preview post for information on the Mistweaver Monk in Legion

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Artifact Weapon

Ion Hazzikostas gave us a brief glimpse of what we can expect for the Mistweaver Monk in obtaining their Artifact weapon…

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Source / Blue Posts)

Sheilun, Staff of the Mists has been through many trials in the bid to protect the lands of Pandaria. In the hands of the right Mistwalker Monk, it could aid in turning the tide against the Burning Legion.

During last pandaren emperor’s reign, a prophecy arose that a ruthless Legion would invade the world of Azeroth and leave it shattered. To save his people, Emperor Shaohao embarked on a series of trials, taking with him the ancient staff Sheilun. Afterwards, he used his newfound wisdom to become part of the land. He made Pandaria into a separate continent and enshrouded it in mist to protect it. His staff clattered to the ground, where it lay until the monks of Tian Monastery found it and took it to the Terrace of Endless Spring for safekeeping.


Originally Posted by Ion @ Gamescom (Source / Blue Posts)

If you’re a Mistweaver Monk, your adventure will begin by returning to Pandaria to seek out the staff of the Emporer Shao Hao, who’s really integral to the legend and the very essence of the continent of Pandaria. You can see the base weapon that you’ll initially aquire. Then an upgraded version of it. But then we’ve reimagined that staff with the inspiration drawn from the various Animal Gods of Pandaria. Whether it’s Yu’lon the Jade Serpent in center, or Chi’Ji the Red Crane on the far right. Or a Sha influenced Sha-crafted staff second from the right. Those are all things to work towards and again you can kind of pick the look that you want, pick the thing that excites you most.

Home » World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion » Legion: Mistweaver Monk Information

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