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Legion: Resto Druid Information

Welcome to the Resto Druid specialization information page for the upcoming expansion – World of Warcraft: Legion. We hope to keep this summary page updated with new information as it comes to hand.

Resto Druid “What I need to know” post.

Resto Druid Artifact Weapon

Here we have a video of the current state of the Resto Druid Artifact Weapon.

Resto Druid Class Order Hall

We’ve got some footage of the Resto Druid Class Order Hall, The Dreamgrove. Check it out below!

Class Preview

Head to the Druid Class Preview post for information on the Resto Druid in Legion

Artifact Weapon

The Resto Druid Artifact weapon has been revealed on the World of Warcraft Website. Presenting G’Hanir, the Mother Tree.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Source / Blue Posts)

Restoration Druids are great friends to nature and masters of the ways of healing. With a branch of G’Hanir, The Mother Tree in their grip, they stand ready to hold fast against any who dare disturb Azeroth’s stability.

This is a single branch taken from G’Hanir, the first tree, which was gifted to mortal druids by the demigod Aviana long ago. Its connection to the mystical Emerald Dream serves as a healing and stabilizing influence on the world of Azeroth. In recent times, druids have used this staff to hold back the corruption and madness of the Nightmare. As a result, satyrs within the Nightmare are desperate to see G’Hanir destroyed.

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Home » World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion » Legion: Resto Druid Information

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