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Mistweaver Monk Talents & Specs

Welcome to the Mistweaver Monk Talents & Specs page! Talents used to be complicated and confusing, often needing deep assessment to find value in some talents, but now, even though there are less available, the talents are more unique and each talent is very different to its counterpart. There are no longer “cookie cutter” or straight forward talent builds, meaning each character can be individual and players are more free to choose. However, this also means it can be harder for those just starting out as a Mistweaver Monk with less guidelines provided.

So we’re going to help you out by providing you with a starting point with regards to choosing talents. You’re free to choose others straight away or you can follow our guide until you’re more comfortable with the Mistweaver Monk class, and then re-jig your setup, but we’ll provide you with an “almost” fool-proof setup to get you started healing successfully.

First thing to do is of course, choose your specialization and because we want to focus on healing, your specialization will be Mistweaver. Choosing Mistweaver as your specialization will immediately give you access to all the Mistweaver spells and passive abilities that your level allows to improve your ability to heal. To learn about the spells you will receive when choosing your specialization at maximum level, you can see all spells on the Mistweaver Monk Spells page and get a grasp for what each does.

In terms of talents, here’s the setup with the talents highlighted we recommend choosing, what tier they appear in, what level you can gain it, what the spell does and the suggested key bind for that spell. Hover over the spell name to get the detailed tool tip of that spell.


An interesting movement/healing hybrid spell. Good for an extra movement option + small single target heal.


Use this to get an improved Roll with a longer travel distance and a boost to run speed afterwards.

Adds another charge of Roll. Another option for mobility but the others are more attractive.

Mana Saving
Mana Saving

Use your melee abilities to regen mana. Great for regaining mana however requires you to be in melee range. This is okay though, as Mistweavers have partial immunity to melee based boss mechanics.

Crowd Control
Crowd Control

Useful because it can be placed on other targets. Great for placing on tanks to protect them from those casting harmful effects on them.

A good option to help with any CC you may encounter in dungeons.

Shift + V
Damage Mitigation
Damage Mitigation

A short defensive spell that is great against magical damage attacks but only lasts for a short amount of time. Good for magical damage encounters. Acts as an extra dispel for yourself.

A defensive spell that is great for non-magical and magical damage done to you for the next 3 attacks. Good for physical damage encounters.


Summons a Whirling Tornado around you to heal nearby (8 yards) friendlies. Also boosts your Essence Font. Great if you’re going to be in with the melee group.

Great option for single-target healing, particularly tanks. The statue will cast Soothing Mist when you do, and continue to do so even if you stop.


This gives you another charge of Thunder Focus Tea. Pretty straight-forward.

A great talent to combine with the level 45 talent Spirit of the Crane. Causes your Rising Sun Kick to rest the cool down of your Thunder Focus Tea. More Thunder Focus Tea means more empowered heals. Take this if you take Spirit of the Crane talent.


Again, we wish to stress that all talents are viable for a healer, depending on your play style, but these are what we recommend for those starting out. Now you can continue to the Mistweaver Monk Glyphs page to see how you can further customize your character.

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