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Disc Priest Gemming

Welcome to the Disc Priest Gemming page! Gemming is the process of placing a crafted gem with stats attached to it into available sockets on gear or items to improve your character stats or “attributes”. Gems are crafted from recipes by Jewelcrafters using materials and items. On this page we’ll show you what gems you should use and where to put them to get the most out of your healing. This is a guide only and gems are quite dependent on what stats you already have on your character. We suggest first enchanting your Resto Druid by following the details on the Disc Priest Enchanting page first.

To obtain these gems you basically have two options: you can purchase pre-crafted gems from the Auction House or another player who is a Jewelcrafter, or you yourself can become a Jewelcrafter, crafting your own gems as you see fit and also possibly making some gold selling your crafted gems to other players. For more info on professions go to the Disc Priest Professions page.

You can place gems in sockets by opening your character screen, Shift + Right Clicking on the item with sockets, opening your bags, Left Clicking the gem and placing the gem in the socket and pressing “Apply”. First we’ll list the gems that are acceptable and then we’ll advise you as to what is best.

Each Gem colour holds a few different stats dependent on the type and come in different quality type(epic, rare, uncommon-perfect and uncommon). The epic and rare gems important to Healers and are available in each colour include:

Which gem you want to use will depend on what stats you currently have already and what stats you’re aiming for. It’s all about finding a balance of stats using Gemming and Enchanting. We suggest you visit the Disc Priest Enchanting page and enchant your gear first as enchanting gives you the least amount of options. Considering our stat priorities:

Intellect > Spirit > Mastery / Crit >  Multistrike / Versatility > Haste

If you’re looking for at Mastery heavy build, here are your gem options


Gem Options

If you’re looking for at Crit heavy build, here are your gem options:


Gem Options

If you’re still level 90 looking for gems, here’s what we recommened:

Now you have filled all your sockets, it’s time to Reforge from the Disc Priest Reforging page.

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