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Holy Priest Glyphs

Welcome to the Holy Priest Glyphs page!

On release of the Legion pre-expansion patch, Major glyphs were completely removed, so this page doesn’t hold as much value as it previously did and the “perks” that they provided have either been added to baseline abilities, spells and talents or removed compeletely from the game.

However, minor glyphs still exist in the game and are primarily focused on aesthetics. Below are all of the Minor glyphs that are available to a Priest.

Glyphs are made by Scribes, or by players who have Inscription as one of their primary professions. You can also become a scribe and make your own Glyphs and other items by choosing Inscription as one of your Primary Professions. You can also obtain Glyphs and other items created by Scribes directly from other players or from the Auction House(AH). To find out more about Professions, head to the Holy Priest Professions page.

To learn these Glyphs you simply need right-click them when they are in your bags. Your spell book will open automatically and the spell that the glyph applies to will be highlighted in blue. Simply click on the spell and the glyph will be applied. To apply a different glyph, simple repeat the process.

You can only have one glyph applied to each spell at a time, but you can glyph as many spells as you wish. However, glyphs are a one-time use. If you overwrite a glyph but want to change it back, you will need to remake or re-purchase that glyph.

Any spells that have glyphs applied to them will appear in your spellbook with a pink arrow on the top right of the spell icon, informing you as such.

Should you want to clear a glyph and return the spell back to it’s original state, you will need to make or purchase Vanishing Powder from Scribes or the Auction House.

Now you’re setup for Glyphs, head next to the Holy Priest How to Play page.

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