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Resto Druid Enchanting

Welcome to the Resto Druid Enchanting page! Enchanting is a profession that uses materials to create an “enchant” which is used on a piece of gear or item to enhance its stats or attributes. Enchanting can also provide players with buffs and bonuses. On this page we’ll give you a short list of what we recommend for enchanting your items for the greatest benefit to you and a backup list should you need them (i.e. a cheaper option).

To obtain these enchants you have two options. Make Enchanting one of your Primary Professions so you can use materials to create enchants for yourself and you could even sell them to other players. Or receive them from another player off the Auction House(AH) or directly through trading. To view more about the enchanting profession, head over to the Resto Druid Professions page.

To purchase them off the AH, simply go to an auction house in a Main City (you can ask a city guard where it is), search for the enchant by name and purchase it. It will then arrive in your mailbox and you can click on it to receive it in your bag. Once in your bag, you simply open your character screen and your bag screen, right-click on the enchant in your bags and left click on the item on your character pane to enchant the item.

Here are the top enchants we recommend for a Resto Druid:

If you’re still level 90 looking for some enchants, here’s what we recommend:

These are all recommendations only, you’re free to choose other options if you wish. Basically with these you can’t go wrong. It’s worth putting those recommended enchants on higher level gear, and using the optional enchants on low-level gear, as this will get replaced earlier than high level gear.

Now you’ve enchanted your gear, it’s time to Gem it! Head to the Resto Druid Gemming page for the best gemming advice.

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