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Resto Shaman Spells

Welcome to the Resto Shaman Spells page, where we go over all the important spells you’ll need as a healer. We may not cover all spells as some may not be applicable to healing.

We provide you with a visual icon for each spell helping you to associate spells with their icons, the name of the spell, a description for what we believe is best use, the level the spell is gained and the recommended key binding for that spell. Please note that all parts of this page are a guide only and you’re free to use a spell how you wish and key bind your spells any way you want. We don’t guarantee success through this spell use/key binding but hopefully it will help.

Please hover over spell names in the second column to read the in-game tooltip of that particular spell.

Resto Shaman Buff Spells

The buff spells listed below are beneficial spells that you can place on yourself and other party/raid members, usually before entering combat. These buffs provide temporary benefits to those who have the buff by increasing certain stats. Character buffs also share some stats with buffs provided by other classes. Buffs can be overwritten by buffs applied by other classes, so try to communicate what other players in your party/raid should buff.

Buff Spells

Level Gained

Recommended Keybind

Water Shield

This is the shield that you cast every hour to keep on yourself. It helps with your mana regen during combat and when you critically heal will directly return mana to you through Resurgence.


Earth Shield

Always have this active on a party/raid member, usually on the tank. Don’t forget to refresh it as it only lasts for 9 hits or 10 minutes. You can swap it if and when the tanks swap and have aggro.


Resto Shaman Healing Spells

These are the spells that provide your character the ability to keep yourself and party/raid members alive. Read through them and get well acquainted with the way they work with each other. Some of these spells will have cool down times and some will not.

Healing Spells

Level Gained

Recommended Keybind

Healing Surge

A fast cast heal. Use in emergencies for those close to dying. Best not to spam this spell too much.



A great spell for all healing situations and provides buffs or enhancements to other healing spells through talents. Use this whenever you need to off every cooldown. Good for use while moving. Each use gives you the buff Tidal Waves, which effects your next 2 Healing Wave or Healing Surges.


Healing Wave

Your most basic go to heal. Slow casting but mana efficient. Use this after using riptide for a faster cast.


Healing Stream Totem

A totem you can summon every 30 seconds. Use it during medium-heavy damage phases or when you have mana in excess. Heals random injured party/raid members.


Chain Heal

An AoE (Area of Effect) Heal that bounces around your party up to 3 additional targets. When glyphed (which it should be) heals up to 4 targets. Use during heavy damage phases and more than 1-2 party/raid member needs healing.


Healing Rain

Another AOE heal that heals all of those within the circle. Great for heavy damage when party/raid members are stacked close. This quite mana intensive, save for stacked heavy damage.


Resto Shaman Utility/Cooldown Spells

These are spells that you are able to use once every once in a while, depending on the spell. They can help you to get out of a bind or enhance your healing. There are even defensive spells to help keep yourself alive.

Utility/Cooldown Spells

Level Gained

Recommended Keybind


Used on enemies to remove their beneficial buffs. Rarely needed by Resto Shamans in dungeons & raids.


Ancestral Spirit

Also known as, rezzing. Brings your party/raid members back to life. Remember to buff them again (i.e. Earth Shield the tank) afterwards.


Ghost Wolf

Good for getting somewhere quick. Looks pretty cool too.

Shift + Wheel Up

Wind Shear

Interrupts the target from spell-casting, but you will rarely need to use this.


Purify Spirit

Removes all curses and magic effects from a friendly target. Use it when needed.


Totemic Recall

Basically erases the totems that you had previously dropped, returning a small amount of mana. Important if there are patrolling enemies nearby about to notice the totems you left behind.

` (left of 1)


A handy spell should you find yourself dead during a fight. Best to use this when you know there is low damage so you don’t die again straight away. Don’t use it if your party/raid is going to wipe anyway. No keybind required as a window appears when it can be used.


Grounding Totem

Re-direct a harmful magic spell to this totem instead of your party members. Good to prevent damage from a direct spell.


Tremor Totem

This is a totem you can drop if you or your party members are being feared. Important if you’re being feared and need to heal.


Capacitor Totem

Drop this if enemies are or about 5 seconds away from attacking you, stunning them and allowing the tank to pick them up.

Wheel Up

Bloodlust (Horde)

The horde version of Heroism, it makes you and your party/raid members do things faster. Best to use in certain phases of fights.


Heroism (Alliance)

The alliance version of Bloodlust, it makes you and your party/raid members do things faster. Best to use in certain phases of fights.


Spirit Link Totem

Great for heavy damage phases as it reduces damage taken and heals those with low health, by taking it from those with high health.



Crowd Control (CC) – Use this on enemy targets to turn them into a frog – this can stop them from hitting you.


Unleash Life

This heals your target and increases the effect of your next direct heal. Use it off cooldown to boost your healing.


Spiritwalker's Grace

Use this when you know you need to move but also need to heal. Allows you to use your strong heals while moving.



This is a strong cool down for all Shaman specs, including Resto. It will duplicate your healing and distribute it evenly for 15 seconds. Use this during heavy damage phases, preferably early on in the fight so you have the chance to use it again.


Now you have a solid idea of the most important spells available to a Resto Shaman, head to the Resto Shaman Talents & Specs page for your extra spell choices.

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