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Holy Paladin Stat Priority

Welcome to the Holy Paladin Stat Priority page! Stats are an important part of the World of Warcraft and are officially called “Attributes”. Improving certain stats as a Holy Paladin will improve your ability to Heal. There are Primary and Secondary stats. As a Healer your most important Primary stat is Intellect. Stamina is another primary stat that isn’t as important but appears on most pieces of gear anyway, this increases your HP.

Intellect increases your spell power which makes your spells stronger and therefore heal for more. This stat is always on Holy Paladin gear and you should always aim to boost this stat. There is no Intellect maximum or “cap”.

For those Holy Paladins below level 110, all you need to worry about in the stats department is making sure your gear is Plate (if possible), and has the stat Intellect on it. You don’t really need to worry about secondary stats until you’re hitting higher level content.

For those aiming to hit dungeons or start raiding or to become a strong healer, the secondary stat that is most important to you as a Holy Paladin is Crit.

Crit, or Critical Strike, is a stat that when increased, increases the chances that your heals will Critically heal.  When a heal Critically Heals, it heals for 200% or double the normal amount. These critical heals are especially important to Holy Paladin, not just for the double heal, but also because of the passive ability all Holy Paladins have: Infusion of Light, which is triggered by Holy Shock crits and reduces the cast time of your next Holy Light by 1.5 sec or increases the healing of your next Flash of Light by 50%.

The next best stat following on from Crit, is Mastery, but at the same time, can also be Versatility. It is dependent on the fight, your gear and your playstyle.

Mastery for a Holy Paladin is Mastery: Lightbringer: “Proximity to your target causes your spells to heal for up to 12% more.” – What this means is that the closer you are to your healed target, the more healing they receive. 12% is the base amount, so any Mastery stats on top of this will only increase that percent. To make full use of this increase in percentage, you need to be closer to your healing targets.

Versatility increases your healing and also reduces the damage that you take. It doesn’t increase your healing more then Mastery does when you’re in close, but it’s not far behind.

Haste is the last of the stats for Holy Paladins. Haste is exactly what is sounds like. Makes things faster! First of all, it reduces the global cool down of your spells (global cool down is a forced cool down which starts after using any spell), meaning you can cast your next spell sooner. Haste also reduces your cast time (spells which cause your cast bar to appear), which means you can complete casts faster, and cast more in a short space of time. However this also means you will use a lot more mana!

Taking all of this into consideration and to sum up, a Holy Paladin’s stat priority is:

Intellect > Crit > Mastery = Versatility >= Haste

These are very general guidelines to follow. Once you get a handle on the general idea of stats you will learn what you need to focus on. As you can see, it’s really up to your own play style preference. Now you know your stat priority, head to the Holy Paladin Enchanting page.

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  • Mastery Woo!

    This is wrong. The correct way to reforge is spirit until comfortable and then go full mastery. Haste is a terrible option and so terribly weak compared to mastery that any attempt to stack it will severely gimp your healing.

  • grui

    Believe this needs to be updated a little. a raid ready Holy Paladin will most likely want at least 3507 haste so that he/she will get a 13th tick from EF. This may become obsolete by the time 5.4 comes out, but for now you would want at least much since EF blanketing is pretty nice at the moment.

    the next haste break would be around 7170 with the +5% raid buff for additional haste. Also, haste is worth a bit more to me than crit.
    stat priority should be something more along the lines of this right now for 5.3:
    int > spirit(12-14k combat regen) > mastery => haste > crit

    • Thanks for the comment. Agreed that haste is worth a bit more than crit and have reflected this in the priority. However we still value Mastery over Haste, especially at early stages of heroics/raiding as mastery provides more room to move with regards to mana. Haste doesn’t seem as forgiving and we aim to provide a strong base for newer players.