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Resto Druid Stat Priority

Welcome to the Resto Druid Stat Priority page. Stats are an important part of the World of Warcraft and are officially called “Attributes”. Improving certain stats as a Resto Druid will improve your ability to Heal. There are primary stats and secondary stats. As a Healer your most important primary stat is Intellect. Stamina is another primary stat that isn’t as important but appears on most pieces of gear anyway, this increases your HP or Health Pool.

Intellect increases your spell power which makes your spells stronger and heal for more. This stats is always on Resto Druid gear and you should almost always aim to boost this stat. There is no Intellect maximum or “cap”.

Spirit has been removed since Legion pre-patch 7.0.3. If any item had Spirit on them in Warlords of Draenor, then that Spirit  has been replaced with Versatility.

For those Resto Druids below level 100, all you need to worry about in the stats department is making sure your gear is Leather (if possible), and it has Intellect on it. You need not worry about secondary stats as much as max level characters.

For those aiming to hit dungeons, start raiding or to become a strong healer, the secondary stats that are most important to you as a Resto Druid are Haste and Mastery.

Haste makes your spells with a cast time (Healing Touch, etc.) faster meaning you can cast more spells during an encounter. Haste also effects the global cooldown of your spells, which is the time it takes between being able to cast your next spell. Haste also causes your HoTs to deal healing faster. It’s a good idea to focus on Haste.

Mastery – Each and every spec of each class has a different Mastery. Mastery for the Resto Druid is Harmony, which increases all healing done to a target by 5% for each Heal over Time (HoT) that you have on that target. Let’s say you have a target with a Rejuvenation on them: all healing on that target is increased by 5%. Now let’s say we place a Lifebloom on that same target… All healing done to them (including the two HoTs) is now increased by 10%. Using a Wild Growth on a party member and the original target receives that HoT as well? Well that’s 15%! And so on…

Crit increases your chance for a critical heal. Crit heals heal for double or 100% of the original amount.

Versatility provides you with a increase to damage done, healing done. It also reduces your damage taken.

To sum up, our general opinion on stat priority is:

For Dungeons

Intellect > Mastery > Haste > Critical Strike > Versatility

As mentioned earlier, your Mastery boosts your healing on a target when you have multiple HoTs on that target. With less targets to heal in a dungeon, it’s going to be easier to cover the party with your HoTs, therefore increasing healing.

For Raids

Intellect > Haste > Critical Strike > Versatility > Mastery

In raids, because there are more targets to cover, it’s more difficult to get multiple HoTs up on your raid members, therefore harder to take full advantage of your Mastery. This is where Haste becomes more valuable as you’ll be able to apply HoTs more rapidly due to the reduction of the global cooldown. The healing from those HoTs will also be dealt faster.

These very general guidelines to follow and don’t factor in other influences such as particular boss encounters/mechanics. Once you get a handle on the general idea of stats you will learn what you need to focus on.

Now you know what you need for stats, head to the Resto Druid Enchanting page to begin enhancing your character.

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