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Resto Shaman Stat Priority

Welcome to the Resto Shaman Stat Priority page! Stats are an important part of the World of Warcraft and are officially called “Attributes”. Improving certain stats as a Resto Shaman will improve your ability to Heal. There are primary stats and secondary stats. As a Healer your most important primary stats are Intellect and Spirit. Stamina is another primary stat that isn’t as important but appears on most pieces of gear anyway, this increases your HP.

Intellect increases your spell power which makes your spells stronger and heal for more. This stat is always on Resto Shaman gear and you should almost always aim to boost this stat. There is no Intellect maximum or “cap”.

Spirit is what gives you mana regeneration. Mana regeneration means that while you spend mana to cast your healing spells, the higher your spirit stat is, the more mana is returned to you during combat. Again, appears on most Resto Shaman gear. You should boost this stat should you be having problems with running out of mana. If you come to a point where you’ve got an excessive amount of mana during encounters, it’s worth  regemming spirit to another secondary stat.

For those Resto Shamans below level 90, all you need to worry about in the stats department is making sure your gear is Leather or Mail, and you have at least 1 (if not both) of those 2 base stats, Intellect and Spirit, you need not worry so much about secondary stats.

For those aiming to hit dungeons or start raiding or to become a strong healer, the secondary stats that are most important to you as a Resto Shaman are Mastery and Haste.

Mastery is the first stat for you to focus on. Each and every spec of each class has a different Mastery. Mastery for the Resto Shaman is Deep Healing, which is a straight percentage increase to all of your healing spells, which increases further the lower your target’s health is. More Mastery rating increases this percentage. Mastery is also the Resto Shaman’s Secondary “Attunement” through Purification which gives you 5% more Mastery from all sources.

Haste does exactly as it sounds, speeds up the casting time of your spells, enabling you to cast more over the course of an encounter. It also causes Heals over Time(HoTs) such as Riptide, Healing Rain and any Healing Totems, to heal for additional ticks. There is no Haste cap.

Crit has become quite important becuse of the Resurgence effect, which gives you mana back when you critically heal with your healing spells: Healing Wave, Healing Surge, Riptide, Unleash Life and Chain Heal. With mana being less abundant in Warlords, these Crits are going to provide you with much needed mana refunds. Crit is also good because it gives you a chance to double your heal and that’s always a good thing!

To sum up, our recommendation on stat priority for Resto Shaman is:

Intellect > Spirit > Mastery > Haste > Crit > Multistrike > Versatility

These very general guidelines to follow. Once you get a handle on the general idea of stats you will learn what you need to focus on.

Now that you have an idea on stat priority, head to the Resto Shaman Enchanting page to begin improving your stats, referring back to this guide as you go.

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  • Neko

    Your stats prio is sort of weird to say the least. I do like that you put low haste cap as first thing after the int>spi. but what im mostly concerned about is that crit has lowest weight, crit is the most important stat for a rsham, You havent even mentioned resurgence, which is the reason people go with crit builds ( and not AA like you said). It is better to seperate the haste caps with different weights. For raiding as a rsham, crit is essential if you want to be of any use to the raid healing

  • Midgetboom

    mastery has no value after %50

    • Rylan Harwood

      Stupid thing to say. Do your research.

  • Guest

    how much mana per 5 sec is comfortable?

    • Kaffe

      Static spirit = no buff from trinket´s or HTT etc

      11k with hc gear

      15k with normal gear
      15k+ with dungeon/lfr/flex gear in raids

  • Suiiki

    Ok stat prioritys are largely what you prefer, and what suits you best but if we are talking mathematics, there is basically no situation where you should be gemming, enchanting or reforging haste. you should be capping haste at 12.5% which will take no extra effort with raid buffs. If you want to do better consistent healing and want high mana sustain then go Spirit>Haste (12.5%)>Crit>Mastery.
    If you want a healing priority that heals big when needed and are comfortable with your mana sustain then go Spirit>Haste (12.5%)>Mastery>Crit. Personally i prefer the crit build but mastery is just as or perhaps even more viable currently in patch 5.4.

    • Suiiki

      Oh i didn’t mention Intellect because i thought it was kind of obvious that intellect has the highest stat priority, at least until you are comfortable with it, basically you should probably be gemming and enchanting quite a lot of intellect but focus your reforging all on Crit or Mastery depending on which you prefer.

      • fag


        • Suiiki

          Someone needs Jesus

  • Roc

    ok I need some help here. I have a resto shaman and noxxic says stat priority is Intellect > Crit > Mastery > Multistrike > Versatility > Haste > Spirit, Icyveins says to not use crit at all, and this site says Int>spirit>crit. How the hell do I figure out who is right?

    • It’s tough, I know. Spirit (comfortable mana regen) is number #1, especially this early on. Crit is also good because it gives you mana back and can double your heals. Once your mana regen is reasonable, go for Mastery instead of Crit. I can tell you Haste is BAD at this stage. Crit is definitely better against haste, versatility & multistrike.

      • Roc

        Thank you so much for the fast reply. I am just gonna focus on getting the best gear possible for now, and then worry about the number crunching later. last expansion, I spent so much time trying to get the perfect stats down that it took away from some of my enjoyment of the game.

      • Orrino

        So what you are saying is that if i have 2 chest, one is crit and the other is haste, i should take crit?

        • Mike Meyer

          absolutely. crit > haste gear.

    • Ravasys

      I would actually max mastery, deep healing is far more important than crit if you are at a comfortable amount of spirit. In healing heavy fights you will notice mastery might be the difference between a wipe or a kill. Occasional crits aren’t reliable, deep healing is.

      • kvgy

        crit is before mastery to round yourself out as a healer. If you have high crit it will increase your output during times when people are above 50% health. Mastery is super beneficial when people are below 50%, but just going for that seems like a waste. You have to be useful at all times for healing now. You can easily get 50%+ mastery off of stuff while still aiming for crit

        • Ravasys

          I’d aim for 70% mastery, this is way more potent for you as a healing. It is based on the current health level of your target, I am not sure where you get this 50% rule from. Crit is in our thought I wouldn’t bother getting crit if you are between 10 and 15%. I

          mastery > crit with the current meta.

          • Mike Meyer

            mastery kicks into effect more when the target is <75%, <50%, and <25% at the highest healing done.

        • Ravasys

          I cannot edit my posts for some reason. Apologies for the interesting sentences which do not make any sense…

    • heamon

      multistrike is good but not too great to try and stack i wont ever get very high therefore it doesnt proc to much crit happens all the time even when multi procs it doesnt do nearly what crit will do only way it will do as much has crit it has to proc of it self which doesnt happen often

    • Dominique Mathew Richard

      it all depends on your own ability to use your mana. if youre good and dont oom easily then you dont need spirit

  • Arwa

    Thank you. Your website is awesome

    • Hey no problem! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sebastian Scott Brear

    I’m finding haste to be pretty invaluable in mythic progression, especially in conjunction with Ancestral Guidance / Ascendance. Thoughts? (Right now I’m using a full haste build Int>Haste>mastery>spirit>crit=multi and my ilvl is 673/674 because i swap certain trinkets for actives, if that helps at all)

    • Sebastian Scott Brear

      If it means anything as far as talents go, I largely prefer to use elemental mastery, ancestral guidance, elemental blast and high tide.

  • Aaron Allison

    Just found this via Google, wondering if anyone who’s good with numbers has figured out, should we be shooting for a specific % of Mastery before moving on to have a healthy heal? I fully vouch for Resurgence, however it wasn’t all that strong like it was in MoP. However, I was basing that off of heroic HM, and it just didn’t feel right (not to mention my HPS was absurdly low until I started stacking Mastery).

  • Jacob Smedegaard

    what if uget better geared what stats should i go for then ? many say Haste ?

  • Mike Meyer

    Just started mythic this week and got 6 pieces of gear in my very first lockout, ha. Talk about good luck. But I am gemmed/enchanted for crit and I’m sitting unbuffed at 18.34% crit, 75.57% mastery, 30.44% haste and 11.12% multistrike. I feel pretty comfortable where I’m at right now while healing. Council is the only encounter that has been somewhat stressful for healing and sucking mana.