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Holy Priest Spells

Welcome to the Holy Priest Spells page, where we go over all the important spells you’ll need as a healer. We may not cover all spells as some may not be applicable to healing.

We provide you with a visual icon for each spell helping you to associate spells with their icons, the name of the spell, a description for what we believe is best use, the level the spell is gained and the recommended key binding for that spell. Please note that all parts of this page are a guide only and you’re free to use a spell how you wish and key bind your spells any way you want. We don’t guarantee success through this spell use/key binding but hopefully it will help.

Please hover over spell names in the second column to read the in-game tooltip of that particular spell.

The buff spells listed below are beneficial spells that you can place on yourself and other party/raid members, usually before entering combat. These buffs provide temporary benefits to those who have the buff by increasing certain stats. Character buffs also share some stats with buffs provided by other classes. Buffs can be overwritten by buffs applied by other classes, so try to communicate what other players in your party/raid should buff.

Holy Priest Buff Spells

Level Gained

Recommended Keybind

Power Word: Fortitude

A spell to be used before every encounter in a dungeon or raid. Increases the Stamina (HP) of all party/raid members.


These are the spells that provide your character the ability to keep yourself and party/raid members alive. Read through them and get well acquainted with the way they work with each other. Some of these spells will have cooldown times and some will not.

Holy Priest Healing Spells

Level Gained

Recommended Keybind

Flash Heal

A fast but mana-intensive heal. Good for getting those with low health up fast. Reduces the cooldown of your Holy Word: Serenity through Holy Words.


Holy Word: Serenity

A very strong, even “Miraculous” single target heal with a base 60 second cooldown. Cooldown is reduced when you cast Heal of Flash Heal by way of Holy Words. Use it on a target with low health (under 50%) for maximum effectiveness.



A small Heal-over-Time (HoT). You can use this to top up those who have lost minimal HP, especially during movement as it reduces the cooldown of your Holy Word: Sanctify by 2 seconds through Holy Words.



Your most basic go to heal. Slow casting but mana efficient. Use this when things are slow and quiet. Good for spamming to fill in the lulls of a fight. Reduces the cooldown of your Holy Word: Serenity through Holy Words.


Prayer of Healing

An AoE heal that heals your target and 5 injured allies. It also reduces the cooldown of your Holy Word: Sanctify.


Holy Nova

An instant but weak heal/damage combo spell with no cooldown that emits a burst of light around you. As Discipline, applies Atonement to those healed.


Holy Word: Sanctify

A strong target-to-location-based AoE heal on a 60 second cooldown. Cooldown reduced by 6 second by the use of Prayer of Healing, and 2 seconds by the use of Renew. Use it when required, while trying to have the maximum number of allies in the circle for maximum effect.


Prayer of Mending

A heal that you place on your target and bounces around. Put this on the tank before combat starts and every time off cooldown. You can use it on other party/raid members if you know your tank isn’t going to take damage first.


Divine Hymn

One of the strongest Heals a Priest has and a Holy Priest favorite! With a 3 minute cooldown, you’ll want to use this during heavy damage phases. Using it early means you should get at least one other chance to use it throughout the encounter.


These are spells that you are able to use once every once in a while, depending on the spell. They can help you to get out of a bind or enhance your healing. There are even defensive spells to help keep yourself alive.

Holy Priest Utility/Cooldown Spells

Level Gained

Recommended Keybind


Aka ‘Rezzing’ – Bring your party/raid members back to life after combat has ended.


Mind Vision

A spell used rarely if ever during combat. Fun to see through other’s eyes.


Holy Word: Chastise

Does a small amount of damage but more importantly stuns the target for 5 seconds. Use this if you’re being attacked by a melee target to give the tank time to pick it up.



Use this to remove all Magic and Diseases from targets. Has an 8 second cooldown. Use it wisely.



Hover off the ground with this fun spell. Walk on water and sometimes avoid ground based damage.



Good if enemies are running at you, or you can use it pre-emptively if you believe your going to attract threat when healing.


Guardian Spirit

An emergency ‘oh crap!’ button. Use this when you haven’t got time to heal and you believe yourself or a party/raid member is going to take a large hit. Great for saving the tank! Can be used while stunned.


Leap of Faith

A really fun spell which pulls a friendly target to you. Use this when one of your party/raid members it standing in the wrong place. Or use it to get your tank to you quickly to get enemies off you. Don’t abuse this spell too much during combat, but have fun with it any other time!


Mass Dispel

Click and place on the ground under party/raid members, it will remove all magic effects from a maximum of 5 friendly targets.


As all specs do, you have access to extra spells known as talents, which you can learn about on the Holy Priest Talents & Spec page.

Now you have a solid idea of the most important spells available to a Holy Priest, you can learn how to use them by going to the Holy Priest How to Play page.

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