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Holy Priest Talents & Specs

Welcome to the Holy Priest Talents & Specs page! There are no longer “cookie cutter” or straight forward talent builds, meaning each character can be individual and players are more free to choose. However, this also means it can be harder for those just starting out as a Holy Priest with less guidelines provided.

So we’re going to help you out by providing you with a starting point with regards to choosing talents. You’re free to choose others straight away or you can wait until you’re more comfortable with the Holy Priest class, and then re-jig your setup, but we’ll provide you with an “almost” fool-proof setup to get you started healing successfully.

First thing to do is of course, choose your specialization and because we want to focus on healing as Holy, your specialization will be Holy. Choosing Holy as your specialization will immediately give you access to all the Holy spells and passive abilities that your level allows to improve your ability to heal. To learn about the spells you will receive when choosing your specialization at maximum level, you can see all spells on the Holy Priest Spells page and get a grasp for what each does.

In terms of talents, here’s the setup we recommend choosing, what tier they appear in, what level you can gain it,, the category, what the spell does and the suggested key bind for that spell(if it is an active spell, rather than passive). Hover over the spell name to get the detailed tooltip of that spell.


Rarely are you going to be directly attacked so the other two talents trump this one. This is great for PvP though.

Although it places a shield on you, you will still need to heal up your lost health. Handy if you’re finding you have too many buttons to press.


Attached to another spell: doesn’t require a keybind. Helps get targets out of a bind or to a location faster. Use on yourself to get in range for heals. Better for Disc due to Shield usage.

More suited to PvP. Feel free to use this talent, but we feel the other two talents available in this tier outweigh this one.

Mana Regen/Conservation
Mana Regen/Conservation

Could be a good option if you need to be offensive, otherwise Surge of Light. Requires enemy targeting.

Crowd Control
Crowd Control

Good for CC but can be unreliable due to other players hitting targets and without the glpyh Glpyh of Psychic Scream, can cause enemies to pull other enemies.

Talent to mind control enemy targets, however, has a cast time and only affects one target. Can help with CC.

Healing Output
Healing Output

Straight-forward 100% guarantee increase to your healing. Use it during heavy damage phases and go nuts! Use it early: use it again.

Chance for a instant-cast Prayer of Mending which won’t trigger it’s cool down. Procs triggered by standing-still-casts like Heal so can be limiting.

Healing Spells
Healing Spells
Healing Spells
Healing Spells

Turns your Prayer of Healing into a non-group melee range only multi-heal. Good for stacked fights.

Tough to execute as using it decreases all healing after use. Good for burst heals.


To view these selections entered as you would see on your Holy Priest’s talent selection screen you can go here.

Again, we wish to stress that all talents are viable for a healer, depending on your play style, but these are what we recommend for those starting out. Now you have a grasp on your talents, head to the Holy Priest Glyphs page to further enhance your Holy Priest.

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