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Legion Pre-Patch Mistweaver Monk: What I need to know

Welcome to the Mistweaver Monk “What I need to know for Legion” post. The Legion pre-expansion patch has dropped!

We know what it’s like to log into a new patch content with so many changes and get lost about where spells have gone, or what spells are new. In this post we hope to give you a quick run down for what has changed to make sure you’re up to date on your class!

We hope to tackle more advanced class mechanics (rotations etc.) after the release of Legion and once everything (hotfixes, number changes) etc have settled down.

The Mistweaver Monk specialization has never really settled since it’s introduction all the way back in Mists of Pandaria. It’s been a constant struggle for the developers to fill the fantasy of a melee-healer or “Fistweaver” all the while trying to keep the balance with the other healers. Gameplay, I found, was a little bit lacking if you only wanted to be a traditional non-fistweaving healer and vise-versa. Trying to fit a DPS-based resource like Chi in both Mistweaving and Fistweaving… it just never seemed to really work.

Now, with the overhaul of the healing model(with other classes) as a whole, Mistweavers may finally find their niche in an engaging fast-paced healing model in both a traditional ranged-healer Mistweaving sense, as well as an optional-by-talent choice Fistweaving sense. Both styles so far are both fun and rewarding.

What’s gone?

These are the spells, talents and abilities that are no longer available to Mistweaver Monks, whether they have been removed completely, or given to Windwalkers and Brewmasters only.


One of the resources that Monk’s used in Chi has been removed for Mistweavers.
The Spirit stat has been removed.


  • “Fistweaving” as it was has all but been removed. You can no longer heal your allies by damaging your enemies. There are however melee-based utility talents  available i.e. mana-return & reseting your Thunder Focus Tea. 
  • Stance of the Wise Serpent – Due to the above.
  • Stance of the Spirited Crane – Due to the above.
  • Legacy of the Emperor – All buffing spells have been removed from the game for all classes.
  • Detonate Chi – There are no orbs to detonate anymore!
  • Mana Tea – This is now a talent and works differently.
  • Expel Harm – This is now a Brewmaster only ability.
  • Touch of Death – This is now a Windwalker only ability.
  • Fortifying Brew – This is now a Brewmaster only ability.
  • Spear Hand Strike – This is now a Windwalker & Brewmaster only ability.


  • Momentum – removed
  • Charging Ox Wave – removed
  • Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger – removed
  • Breath of the Serpent – removed
  • Chi Explosion – removed
  • Chi Wave – Brewmaster & Windwalker only.
  • Power Strikes – Windwalker only.
  • Ascension – Windwalker only.
  • Chi Brew – Changed to Black Ox Brew and is now Brewmaster only.

Major Glyphs

All major glyphs have been removed. The perks that major glyphs provided to spells have either been added permanently to the spells they affected, completely removed or have been changed into talents.

What’s changed?


  • Soothing Mist – This is no longer an ability that is on use. Instead, it is triggered after using other spells. The fastest and cheapest way to get Soothing Mist rolling on a target is to use Effuse, s single target heal.
  • Thunder Focus Tea – Enhances additional spells compared to previous (where it only enhanced Uplift), with each one receiving a different enhancement.
  • Uplift – This has changed to “Vivify” – which heals your target and 2 nearest injured allies.
  • Surging Mist – This is now called “Effuse“.
  • Renewing Mist – Single-target HoT instead of a spreading multi-target HoT but if the HoT overheals a target, it will jump to a nearby injured target. It will choose a random player who is both injured and without the caster’s Renewing Mist. If there are none, it will not jump.
  • Spinning Crane Kick – This is a damaging attack only and no longer heals.
  • Summon Jade Serpent Statue – This is now a talent for Mistweavers.
  • Rushing Jade Wind – Is now Refreshing Jade Wind.


The Mastery for the Mistweaver Monk has been adjusted and is now Mastery: Gust of Mists. Your mastery no longer causes your healing spells to generate healing orbs (YAY!). Instead, your healing spells including: Renewing Mist, Vivify, Effuse and Enveloping Mist causes a Gust of Mist, which will instantly heal your primary target. The Mastery stat will increase said heal.

What’s new?


  • Reawaken – This replaces the guild perk “Mass Resurrection” – all healers now have this ability to mass rez now.
  • Essence Font – This is an AoE heal. It heals up 6 allies within 25 yards radius of you. It does not need a target. It also places a Heal over Time on those allies.
  • Vivify – Replacing Uplift, this will heal a target and it’s 2 nearest injured allies.
  • Effuse – This is a fast and cheap heal to get Soothing Mist going on a target. A go-to filler spell.


Tier 1 – Level 15

  • Mistwalk – Provides a small heal on a target as you dash towards them. More for movement than a heal, it can provide extra mobility when you need it.

Tier 2

  • No new talents, however Chi Torpedo has moved from an upper tier of talents to this row and has been changed in that is no longer does any healing upon movement. It replaces Roll, propels you further and also gives you a speed boost afterwards.

Tier 3 – Level 45

  • Lifecycles – A mana reduction for Enveloping Mist when you use Vivify and vise versa. This talent should be a good option particularly when we are raid healing, especially in a melee setting. Throwing an Enveloping Mist onto a tank and then a Vivify onto the same tank healing it and the melee around it for reduced mana costs could be handy.
  • Spirit of the Crane – This is one of the “fistweaving” talents that returns mana to you upon using Blackout Kick. You should only take this talent if you truly intend on dpsing with your melee abilities such as Blackout Kick, because if you choose it melee then it’s a wasted talent.
  • Mist Wrap – Increases the duration of Enveloping Mist by 1 second and increases it’s healing bonus by 10%. Also allows Soothing Mist to be cast while moving. This is a great talent across all areas but could be particularly beneficial to tank healing, with the boost to Enveloping Mist and the cast-whilte-moving Soothing Mist, single targets are going to receive a lot of heals. Combined with the level 90 talent Summon Jade Serpent Statue you can become a single target healing machine!

Tier 4 – Level 60

  • Song of Chi-Ji – Summons a cloud of mist that slowly moves forward. Enemies in it’s path fall asleep for 20 seconds. Could be useful to help with crowd control in dungeons if needed.

Tier 5 – Level 75

  • No new talents.

Tier 6 – Level 90

  • Refreshing Jade Wind – This talent is a small AoE radius heal. It heals those in an 8 yard radius. It also increases the effectiveness of your Essence Font by 20% while it is active (6 seconds). An option for close quarters healing, such as for the melee group should you be fistweaving. However take note mana cost is high, especially following it with an Essence Font and as such isn’t recommended.
  • Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane – Summons Chi-Ji, a Red Crane that heals nearby allies. – A good option for most encounters. It summons a pet which casts Crane Heal every 1.5 seconds, which causes the Crane to dash to allies and heal up to 3 of them up to 40 yards away! It lasts for 45 seconds and is a good all-round option for both raiding and dungeons.
  • Summon Jade Serpent Statue – Summons a Jade Serpent Statue that heals your target when you use Soothing Mist from those spells that activate Soothing Mists. A little cumbersome due to having to re-castas you move along, but good for healing dungeons as it is strong for single target healing. A good combination with Mist Wrap in Tier 3.

Tier 7 – Level 100

  • Mana Tea – Reduces the cost of your healing by 50% for 10 seconds every 1.5 minutes. A pretty straight forward talent which can help you conserve mana. Good idea to smash mana-intensive heals such as Essence Font, Vivify or Refreshing Jade Wind should you choose it while using this talent. A good all-round option.
  • Focused Thunder – This gives your Thunder Focus Tea an extra charge for a total of 2 charges every 30 seconds. Read above how Thunder Focus Tea has changed. No reduction to mana except on Vivify, so you can choose this if you’re comfortable with mana.
  • Rising Thunder – Use of Rising Sun Kick reduces the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea. This is other of two “Fistweaving” talents that will drastically change the way you heal. Combined with Spirit of the Crane (which is recommended) in Tier 3 you can become quite a proficient Fistweaver. If you do not wish to Fistweave, do not take this talent.

And that’s it for major changes to the Mistweaver Monk for now. As mentioned previously, we’ll be adding more information as we get closer to and also post-Legion release on the 30th August.

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