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Mistweaver Monk Reforging

For those new or coming back for Warlords of Draenor, stat Reforging has been removed! Yay! Move onto the Mistweaver Monk Professions and Consumables…

The method of reforging includes visiting a reforger in your major city and basically changing less useful stats or attributes into more useful stats. As a Mistweaver Monk this is useful to change such stats as Hit into more effective stats like Spirit, Haste, Crit or Mastery. Reforging gives you that little bit of wiggle room when you’re trying to get the most of out of your gear. It can also help you if you happen to only have a damage based piece of gear and you need to change it to a more healer-centered piece of gear.

We recommend for when starting out, to enchant your gear with our Mistweaver Monk Enchanting recommendations, gemming your gear with our Mistweaver Monk Gemming recommendations and then using these Reforging Recommendations to get the most out of your stats for healing purposes.

You can find the Reforger NPC that you need to interact with in one major city for each faction. Stormwind for Alliance and Orgrimmar for Horde. You will also find a Reforger in your Major City in Mists of Pandaria. To find the reforger you can always ask a guard and they will place a flag on your map/mini-map. To interact with a reforger, simply right-click on them within range of them. Right clicking on them will open the reforging window. Now the window is open, make sure your character window is open. It’s now a matter of dragging and dropping items from your character window into the reforging window, selecting which stats you’d like to change, what stats you’d like to change them to, and pressing Apply.

Now it’s just a matter of knowing what stats we need as a Mistweaver Monk. You can always refer back to the Mistweaver Monk Stat Priority page.

Like with gemming, it’s best to ask ourselves questions before reforging…

Have I enchanted my gear yet?
Yes: Go to next question
No: Go to the Mistweaver Monk Enchanting page.

Have I gemmed?
Yes: Go to next question
No: Go to the Mistweaver Monk Gemming page.

Do I have any hit on my gear?
Yes: Reforge it to a more useful stat like Crit, Haste(up to 3,145 or 16.65%), Spirit or Mastery.

What should i Reforge my stats to?

Well, am I having mana problems?
Yes: Reforge Hit, Haste & Mastery to Crit or Spirit, whicever is available.

I’m having no mana problems: Well, have I reached the 16.65% haste rating?
No: Reforge Hit, Mastery or Spirit to Haste up to 16.65% or 3,145 Haste rating.

Yes, I have reached 16.65% haste rating and my mana regeneration is fine, now what?
Reforge to Crit if you can, otherwise Spirit, otherwise Mastery.

This should give you an idea of what to aim for with your stats. Again, this is merely a guide and is dependent on many things. But reforging is quick, easy and often the cheapest way to change stats.

Now move onto Mistweaver Monk Professions.

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