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New Site Design & Content is live!

Howdy healers! Well, we finally got around to updating both the design and the content of the site. About 2 weeks later than would have hoped, but it is done. Hopefully you like the site and find it more useful than ever.

Now that it has been updated, we can focus more on writing new content rather than just updating old information. We have updated all of the main pages for each of the healing specs. Please, if you find something that looks a bit off or sounds wrong, do let us know either via the contact form on the Contact page, via the comments section on each page or via social media.

We’ll be updating the site further in the coming days to hopefully pick up any bugs or errors that may have been missed.

As the Warlords of Draenor progresses, we hope to bring you information that will help you on your quest to become a great healer. Keep an eye out for contests and competitions. We’re also on the look out for aspiring writers who might be interested in contributing content and we’ll put the call out for those people soon. Along with this, we’re starting to look for healers that stream to be featured on their respective class pages.

How are you enjoying Warlords of Draenor so far? Here’s one of my favorite screenshots taken so far from Shadowmoon Valley. Are you enjoying the new scenery and great landscapes?


Shadowmoon Valley

Have you reached level 100? What class did you level first? Have you been healing in any heroic dungeons? How are you finding them? Let us know in the comments below! 

If you have any ideas for features or new sections of the site, please let us know and we’ll see if we can implement them onto the site. Thanks for reading!

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  • Chris Copeland

    I love this website. But one question… On the recommended keybinds for almost all classes its one of the “wasd” movement keys, how do you (the person testing and writing the info) move? Im still using wasd, am i playing with an outdated movement combo? 😛

    • Thanks for your comment! For me personally, I move forward with W, I strafe left and right with Q and E, and I leave S as moving backward. This frees up my A and D keys for extra keybinds. I’ll add this to the spells and talents pages as a suggestion. Thanks again for visiting!

  • Pliszcen Hakoke

    Hey, i love this side! Thank you for the work.
    Now my Monk is ready for Highmaul.

    • Hey! Glad you like the site! Thanks! Best of luck in Highmaul!

  • Mark Woodage

    this site could with do with some healing talents for people to use it be handy as some people wants to move into healing on the game