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Resto Druid 5.4 Best in slot LFR gear

Patch 5.4 and the subsequent new Raid: Siege of Orgrimmar has been open for some time now, and we thought it best to write up a quick post about the loot available to Resto Druid Raiders. This list is broken down into item slots and is somewhat ordered in terms of preference, i.e. Spirit listed items first and Mastery & Haste above Crit. It will depend on your current gear as to what you’ll want from this list.

We have listed the lowest (LFR – ilvl 528) ilvl version available. If you’re looking for the higher raid items, just remember there’s like 50 different versions of each thanks to the 50 different raid types! Just click on the item and find the higher item on wowhead. However they simply increase the stats and they drop from the same bosses etc.

To see the Resto Druid purples in all their glory:


Helm of the Shattered Vale (T16) – Thok the Bloodthirsty (Haste)
Self-Reflecting Mask – Sha of Pride (Mastery)
Darkfang Mask – Kor’kron Dark Shaman (Crit & Mastery, no Spirit)


Necklace of Fading Light – Sha of Pride (Haste)
Lost Necklace of the Mogu Empress – Spoils of Pandaria (Mastery)


Mantle of the Shattered Vale(T16) – Siegecrafter Blackfuge (Mastery)
Hopeglow Spaulders – Garrosh Hellscream (Haste)
Shoulders of the Roiling Inferno – The Fallen Protectors (Crit)


Black-Blooded Drape – Malkorok (Mastery)


Robes of the Shattered Vale(T16) – Sha of Pride (Mastery)
Amber Parasite Wraps – Paragons of the Klaxxi (Haste)
Robes of the Warrior’s Fall – General Nazgrim (Crit)


Castlebreaker Bracers – Iron Juggernaut (Mastery)
Bracers of Averted Fatality – Malkorok (Haste)
Bracers of Purified Spirit – Immerseus (Crit)


Handwraps of the Shattered Vale(T16) – General Nazgrim (Haste)
Klaxxi Grips of Rejuvenation – Spoils of Pandaria (Mastery)


Seal of Karmic Return – Garrosh Hellscream (Mastery)
Dragonmaw Emergency Strap – Galakras (Crit)


Legwraps of the Shattered Vale(T16) – Paragons of the Klaxxi (Mastery)
Shado-Pan Reliquary Kilt – Spoils of Pandaria (Crit)


Salt Water Sandals – Immerseus (Haste)
Boots of Broken Reliance – Amalgam of Corruption (Crit)


Laser-Slice Signet – Iron Juggernaut (Haste)
Seal of Eternal Sorrow – Immerseus (Mastery)
Seal of Sullen Fury – Malkorok (Crit)


Prismatic Prison of Pride – Sha of Pride
Nazgrim’s Burnished Insignia – General Nazgrim
Thok’s Acid-Grooved Tooth – Thok the Bloodthirsty
Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity – Siegecrafter Blackfuse


Kardris’ Scepter – Kor’kron Dark Shaman (Mastery)
Horned Mace of the Old Ones – Garrosh Hellscream (Haste)
Drakebinder Greatstaff – Galakras (Mastery)
Lever of the Megantholithic Apparatus – Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Crit, no Spirit)
Gaze of Arrogance – Sha of Pride (Crit, no Spirit).


Purehearted Cricket Cage – The Fallen Protectors (Haste)
Revelations of Y’Shaarj – Garrosh Hellscream (Haste, Mastery, no Spirit)
Juggernaut’s Power Core – Iron Juggernaut (Crit, no Spirit)

Are you currently swimming in the latest purples? Or are you still waiting on that first item to come your way?! Let us know in the comments below!

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