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Site Update Coming Soon

Howdy fellow healers! Just a quick update on the status of the site. We’re currently re-doing the design and updating the info for all healers for the new expansion: Warlords of Draenor. Some things may appear to be out of whack for the next 4 weeks or so until the site is updated. But we think you’ll really like the look, feel and functionality of the site once it has been completed.

As a side note, if you have any feature requests for the site for anything particular, please feel free to drop us a line with your idea either in the comments, via @HealingWoW on Twitter or via HealingWoW on Facebook. The links can be found in the sidebar.

Thank you for your patience during this time and we hope you’re enjoying the pre-expansion patch 6.0.2!

Originally published on October 15th, 2014 by on HealingWoW.com, Last modified: in the News category/s.

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  • Pliszcen Hakoke

    im waiting for the Update.
    When will be the update come?

  • Troldrol

    Hi my healing amigos ^^ I really love this site. Used it when I was playing my Disc Priest in MoP. I decided to go in with a new character in WoD, healing ofcoarse 😛 I chose the druid this time around and it has been fun so far. Still rushing to reach level 100. Can not wait for the site to update, want to push my druid to MAX healing hahaha!