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Throne of Thunder Healing Guide

Welcome healers to what we hope is one of the easiest and simplest to understand guides for raiding the Throne of Thunder in Looking for Raid. For those that don’t know, Looking for Raid(LFR) is the raid that you can queue for once you have reached a certain item level. If you’re keen to jump into LFR and you want the quickest run-down possible, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to try and cover all the bosses in the Throne of Thunder LFR instance, including things to look out for and times of heavy healing. Those other than Healers can also use this as a rough guide, but it’s made for healers.

If you haven’t already, you should get the addon Deadly Boss Mods available at Curse before entering any LFR.

Jin Rokh the Breaker

Entire encounter: If a ball of lightning (Focused Lightning) comes towards you, run away from the raid so you’re not close and then let the ball catch up to you and hit you. Heal up afterwards.

When a blue puddle initially appears on the ground, stand in it for increased Healing (and DPS).

When Jin Rokh casts Lightning Storm, get out of the blue puddle and stack behind boss. Heal through damage with AoE spells.

Rinse and Repeat.


Follow the raid around as you go from door to door.

During Entire encounter: Don’t stand in front or behind Horridon.

Door 1: Stay away from Sunlight(yellow) AoE damage.

Door 2: Move away from Venom(green) AoE damage. Dispel poisons. When moving to next door, Monk’s: use Revival to remove all poisons.

Door 3: Move away from Frost(blue) AoE damage.

Door 4: Stay away from the bears. If they spawn and attack you, run to the off-tank so they can get them off you,

After all doors: Jalak will spawn. He should be killed immediately.

Once Jalak is dead, Horridon tank damage will increase A LOT – be ready to heal the Horridon tank.

Council of Elders.

Stand between bosses so you can reach the entire raid to heal.

Stay out of Quicksand(yellowy-brown circle on the ground).

Stack on players that have Frostbite(NOT the same as Biting Cold).

Avoid the dark-grey area where one of the bosses will charge through.


Avoid falling rocks (don’t stand in the blue circles).

HoTs and Shields are winners to mitigate Quake Stomp.

Heal raid immediately after Quake Stomp.

Heavy raid damage during Furious Stone Breath, heal through it.

Watch out for whirling turtles. Someone who isn’t a healer should be assigned to kicking them. Healers ignore them, focos on healing.

Vampire Bat Tank can take considerable damage so be prepared for that.


Stack in front of green head first. Heal tanks and low raid damage.

If you get a Ice Beam on you, run out of raid until is stops.

If you get cinders on you, run out of the raid and THEN dispel yourself.

If another player has cinders on them, WAIT until they run out of the raid and THEN dispel them.

Once the first head dies, run to the other side. There will be raid damage for seconds, heal through it with strong AoE heals.

Rinse and repeat.

Ji Kun

Choose speed boost talents before combat.

Healing on main platform:

Don’t stand in front of boss.

Spread out for Caw. This is cast on a random player and damages those around them.

AoE heal through Quills, raid wide damage.

Try and catch the green spew as boss spits it out. If the green spew lands on the ground you can stand in it to absorb it (if you can handle the damage over time it applies, if you’re struggling for heals, don’t absorb it).

When it gets windy from Down Draft, run to the middle of the platform as best you can, using your speed boosts. If you fall don’t worry, you will be brought back up, but it’s better to stay on.

Healing the “Egg Team”

Follow the DPS group down to the egg nests. A platform will be bathed in light. Heal them as they take damage.

Once the hatchlings are dead, pick up ONE of the feathers dropped and use it to get back up to the main platform and continue healing as above.

You will need to do this every 30 seconds or so as the eggs hatch. Watch your DBM or watch out for a platform bathed in light.


Light raid and Heavy Tank damage early on. Try to keep tanks topped up due to bleed effects on them.

When Lingering Gaze is thrown at you, move away from others. Once it lands on you, move out of the purple circle it makes. Heal up.

Look out for force of will, a front-conal AoE attack. Just run out of it ASAP.

If you get a colored cone on you(blue, yellow or red), move around the room in a circle to reveal the fogs so DPS can kill them.

Durumu will start to shoot Disintegration Beam. Look on the floor – if you see little squiggly purple & white lines off to one side of Durumu, run there.

The Beam will run clockwise or anti-clockwise. Run away from it and stay ahead of it.

During this beam, you will need to navigate a maze through the purple stuff. Healing on the move as you go. HoTs etc are essential.

Once maze phase completes, rinse and repeat except one extra mechanic Life Drain:

If a player is targeted by Life Drain, stand in the beam. Others should then stand in the beam after you and so on.


Don’t stand in front of the boss.

Basically just heal the Tanks and the Raid.

Collect Mutagenic Pools to increase your stats IF no dps needs them. These are red pools around the room. If DPS hasn’t mutated yet don’t take the pools.

If you do happen to mutate, then avoid the red pools from then on.

Tanks and DPS should cover the rest. Just heal.

Dark Animus

Most LFR groups will stack up during the initial pull, do mass AoE damage and then burn the boss.

As a healer, just do everthing you can to heal through the early damage.

Once the adds phase is over, damage will settle a bit and become easier.

Don’t stand in Crimson Wake.

If you have an add on you and can’t take the damage, take it to a tank.

Iron Qon

Stay out of everything on the ground for the entire fight. Fire, Wind, Ice, all of it.

If a Spear is being thrown at you at any stage, move out of the way of it and avoid the lines that appear after.

You may be pulled to the center of the room, and then surrounded by Tornados. When you land, run out of the surrounding Tornado circle and avoid the Tornados.

The heaviest damage phase is the last, with constant damage. Players should stack for healing avoiding Tornados. Ensure you have significant mana for this phase.

Twin Consorts

Darkness(first) Phase, if you’re ranged, spread out. You can stay in boss melee range if you wish.

Avoid the slow moving clouds.

Heal the tank but try and share it with the other healers. When you heal the tank you get a debuff on you which causes damage.

Daylight(second) Phase.

Raid Heal as required. Tanks will be swapping.

Don’t stand on the trail of fire left by the boss.

Break of Dusk (third) phase.

Fighting both bosses at the same time. Damage is higher as both phase abilities are active in this phase.

Once you kill either boss, one will remain with the abilities from their particular phase.

Lei Shen

Before the fight you should be assigned or assign yourself to a corner.

Follow the whole group around the room as the Tank moves.

If a player has a blue arrow above them (Static Shock), stack on them.

If a player grows to a Giant, stack on them.

If you see swirling blue circles on the ground, stand in them(1 person need per swirl).

If you see a lightning circle on the ground, run away from it.

When Lei Shen moves to his pillars in the middle of the room:

Move to your designated corner.

In these corners, continue doing the ‘Ifs’ as above.

When Lei Shen leaves the center, avoid any electrified corner for the rest of the fight and follow the group again.

Stack for Healing Summon Ball Lightning.

Move out of Lightning Whip.

Try to stay on platform during heavy winds.

That’s it for this Throne of Thunder LFR Healing Guide for all healers. This is meant to be a very quick and dirty guide to healing the bosses in the Throne of Thunder, so it may be possible that we have missed something. If we have missed something, why not let us know in the comments below. If you’ve got any tips or tricks, why not share them?! Thanks for reading.

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