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What you need to know as a healer for Patch 5.2

Patch 5.2 is now live and it has brought changes to all of the healing specs. We’ve gone through and analyzed all the patch notes for each individual healing spec and you can view them by visiting the links at the bottom of this post. But sometimes patch notes don’t give you a great idea on how playstyle is going to change, or what stats are going to be the highest priority, so we’re going to sum it up for you the best we can here.

We’ll go over what has changed in the way you use your spells, any talents choices that should be considered, stat priority changes and anything else. This will be an early stage update and in future we’ll update our main healing guides for each spec once we’re completely sure how the spec should be played on live. So to find out what you need to know go ahead and click:

This post is essentially about play style, not including PvP or quality of life changes. We’re here to get you through dungeons and raids, hopefully to heal against the almighty thunder king. We’re going to try and keep it short and simple. 

What do I need to know as a Resto Druid?

Resto Druid has just a few changes and gameplay shouldn’t change too much.

Healing across the board has improved for Resto Druids through Naturlist.

Rejuvenation has been reduced in mana cost, so we can use it more often. Rejuvenation’s overheals also now have an affect on your Wild Mushrooms, so not only can we use Rejuvenation more often, but we should, but not too much.

AND because Rejuvenation overheals affect Wild Mushroom, we’re going to be using Wild Mushroom more often, but only after overhealing(fellow party/raid members) with Rejuvnation with a reasonable amount. Don’t detonate them too early.

The talent Cenarion Ward has been improved to bring it in line with the other talents in the same tier. A viable talent if that’s the style you’re after.

The talent Force of Nature is now a bit stronger and is a viable talent choice should you wish to choose it.

Stat priority hasn’t really changed. We still aim for:

Spirit (Until comfortable with mana) > Intellect > Haste (At least 12.53%, preferably 21.43%) > Mastery > Crit

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What do I need to know as a Mistweaver Monk?

A lot! Massive changes.

Jade Serpent Statue is free! Drop at will!

Jab costs more. Should be used less, really only when absolutely necessary to keep up TP or BoK buffs. TP and BoK gives back mana if used within 15 seconds after Jab through the new Muscle Memory passive ability.

TP has higher damage (and therefore more heals), use it more to burn excess Chi.

BoK only needs to be used once to gain Serpent’s Zeal.

BoK can AoE damage up to 4 targets = more healing.

Zen SphereChi Wave and Chi Burst cost no Chi or Mana, but have longer cool downs. Zen Sphere can be placed on 2 targets. Your talent choice will depend on encounter.

Tiger’s Lust doesn’t cost any Chi. We still recommend Celerity due to the extra roll for Chi Torpedo.

Healing Spheres don’t last as long. But if they expire they explode in a wondrous near-by-target heal. Same goes for the Mastery generated spheres.

Soothing Mist does now generate Chi more consistently. Probably the cheapest Chi generator now. Shame as we may need to ‘weave’ it into our Fistweaving. We’ll see.

Ring of Peace is a new talent to replace Deadly Reach which is now baseline combined with Paralysis. Good for PvP, limited for PvE.

Stat Priority remains pretty much the same but still needs more testing on live:

Spirit (Until comfortable with Mana) > Intellect > Haste (up to at least 16.65% if possible, then up to 21.42% is possible) > Crit > Mastery

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What do I need to know as a Holy Paladin?

Holy Paladin has minimal changes in terms of play style changes. You will generally continue as you were in 5.1, just being aware of some minor number changes to spells.

Hand of Purity is a little stronger as a defensive cool down and should be used when a party/raid member is taking considerable damage from Damage over Time(DoT) effects.

Eternal Flame when cast on yourself, increases the Heal over Time aspect by 100%. Good to know if you have this talent and have built up Holy Power. Worth noting that your Beacon of Light will receive 50% of the Heal over Time as well as the intial instant heal.

Selfless Healer has been nerfed. Because of this we recommend Eternal Flame due to the buff received as mentioned.

Stat Priority hasn’t changed. It still remains:

Spirit (Until comfortable with mana) > Intellect > Mastery and/or Haste > Crit.

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What do I need to know as a Holy Priest?

There were a few changes to Priest as a whole, but not too many for Holy.4 spells had their

Angelic Feather has been improved by increasing the duration. Though still awkward to use with the 2-click function if you need the extra speed duration then go for Angelic Feather, otherwise stick with Body and Soul.

Solace & Insanity is a new talent for Priests, but we suggest sticking with the other talents in this tier, mainly because Solace & Insanity requires enemy target selection and uses a global cool down. More live testing will be required.

New Glyph available: Glyph of Binding Heal. Binding Heal heal’s an extra ally (Yourself, target and nearby ally within 20 yards) but increases the cost by 35%. This could prove to be quite a handy glyph, especially for tank healing.

Stats for Holy Priests remain the same: Spirit > Intellect > Haste (at least up to 12.51%, preferably to 16.65%)  > Mastery > Crit

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What do I need to know as a Disc Priest?

Alot. Penance has improved and we’ll continue to use it off cool down.

Rapture has had a nerf so we’ll need to watch our mana and maybe stack more spirit.

Solace & Insanity, the new talent in tier 3 is a very viable option for Disc Priests as it replaces Holy Fire, restores mana, procs Atonement and Evangelism stacks. See our Disc patch notes analysis for more info.

Power Infusion provides a 5% damage buff increasing damage and therefore heals.

New Glyph available: Glyph of Binding HealBinding Heal heal’s an extra ally (Yourself, target and nearby ally within 20 yards) but increases the cost by 35%. This could prove to be quite a handy glyph, especially for tank healing.

Mastery: Shield Discipline has changed. It now increases heals by 6% across the board but shields created by said Mastery descreased by 16%.

Power Word: Shield has a chance(same as your crit %) to absorb twice as much. We’ll be using Power Word: Shield more.

New Glyph: Glyph of Weakened Soul – reduce the Weakened Soul debuff, a good glyph for Disc and hence why we’ll be using Power Word: Shield more.

Divine Aegis has changed in that heal crits don’t actually “Crit Heal” anymore – they now heal for the normal amount (100%) and also place a shield on the target for the same amount or 100%(used to be 30%). No longer affects all Prayer of Healing, only crits.

Stat Priority for the Disc Priest doesn’t really change too much and we’ll need to see how it goes on live, but it’s basically up to you and how you want to play.

If you’re into Atonement healing (healing through DPS) then:
Spirit (until comfortable with mana) > Intellect > Crit > Mastery = Haste

If you’re into direct healing and bubbles then:
Spirit (until comfortable with mana) > Intellect > Mastery > Haste = Crit

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What do I need to know as a Resto Shaman?

Elemental Mastery can be used more often but doesn’t last as long.

While Conductivity is active heal as normal, you no longer need to heal those standing inside Healing Rain to get the effect. It also heals the non-selected target by 30% (instead of 20%).

Stone Bulwark Totem is stronger and has higher health points.

Nature’s Guardian is now also a self-heal.

Ancestral Guidance is now 20% stronger.

Healing Rain is cheaper.

Stat prority remains the same:
Spirit (until comfortable with mana) > Intellect > Haste (up to 12.5% or 20.01% if possible) > Mastery > Crit

That’s basically the thick and fast of the changes in terms of play style. We’ll soon be updating all Healer guides from how to play all the way to consumables (hopefully next week before the first wing of LFR hits).

We’ll soon be reviewing what you need to know about new item enhancements and consumables to improve your healing even further for Patch 5.2, including Gemming, Enchanting, Food and Drinks, Elixirs and more, so stay tuned for that upcoming post.

For an in-depth analysis of all the patch notes you can navigate to each class:

Resto Druid

Mistweaver Monk

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Disc & Holy Priest

Resto Shaman

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